BrandThe price of This is Him by Zadig &...

The price of This is Him by Zadig & Voltaire


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The price of This is Him by Zadig & Voltaire
The price of This is Him by Zadig & Voltaire

This is Him, the new digest of boldness and luxury from Zadig & Voltaire

These are two new fragrances which are about to emerge within the house of Zadig & Voltaire. These are simply called This is Him for men and This is Her for women. They are like opposites both very attracted to each other, like scent magnets. The latter display contradictory scents, the goal being, according to Cecilia Bönström, artistic director of Zadig & Voltaire, to “find the right balance between a very clear and fresh fragrance – for women – and a darker and more mysterious touch – for women. men-. Zadig & Voltaire also never seems to have implemented so many means to promote its products. But then, let’s take a closer look at the budget to afford this little concentrate of boldness and luxury for men.

Zadig & Voltaire’s extraordinary communication

While many denounce an economic crisis in the luxury industry, the budget for advertising spending in this area is breaking all records. Many big houses want to work with the greatest masters of American cinema to carry out their advertising campaigns. For example, know that the communication budgets devoted to perfumes alone have swelled by nearly 20% in two years. What is more, it is indeed this element that impacts the price of fragrances the most. Also, it seems that Zadig & Voltaire has clearly decided to follow the lineage of its competitors. Indeed, This is Him will be the brand’s very first juice to appear on the small screen.

To do this, Zadig & Voltaire called on the model Sam Lammar as a muse. This one would be accompanied by the model Joséphine Le Tutor and both will be staged in a clip shot in the heart of Paris with music signed by the famous French DJ The Avener. Likewise, the release of This is Him was announced at a highly regarded launch party. This took place in the heart of the mansion of Iéna in Paris and brought together many prestigious guests around various events such as a tattoo stand, karaoke or an electro house performance worthy of a jet set evening. More than ever, Zadig & Voltaire seems to be putting the small dishes in the big ones and having for only goal that its perfume is noticed by all.

The price of the new This is Him

Also, if you consider all these elements, it’s a safe bet that the price of the new This is Him will be particularly high. However, as always, our site strives to offer you an always affordable price so as to make each new perfume a luxury within everyone’s reach. Thus, This is Him will be available in two formats. Note that it will cost you € 55.50 for 50 ml against € 75.50 for 100 ml. With such a declining price, you would be wrong to deprive yourself of wearing the trendy perfume of the moment!

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