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PerfumeThe Prada Water Splash Woman, the feminine and exotic...

The Prada Water Splash Woman, the feminine and exotic novelty of Prada


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The Prada Water Splash Woman, the feminine and exotic novelty of Prada
The Prada Water Splash Woman, the feminine and exotic novelty of Prada

With the release of L’Homme et La Femme Prada in 2016, the house of Miuccia Prada opened the doors to a world of luxury and supreme sophistication where the masculine and the feminine have no barriers and are married to leisure. The success of the first two bottles will lead to the creation of new opuses, and in 2019, freshness and exoticism will win over La Femme Prada with La Femme Prada Water Splash, not to mention its alter ego L’Homme Prada Water Splash.

Between scorching sand and icy sea, La Femme Prada Water Splash surprises us once again

With La Femme Prada (and L’Homme Prada), Miuccia Prada was finally able to implement her vision of full-fledged perfumery by asking her appointed perfumer Daniela Andrier to focus solely on the scents of emotions and feelings in ignoring classic conventions. Thus The Prada Womanwill play on an exceptional sensuality that is both ultra feminine thanks to solar flowers but also very animal, much more animal than the usual feminine perfumes. It must be said that Miuccia Prada has always liked to marry the genders, especially the masculine-feminine and vice versa, and in this Prada Woman more than ever, the spirit of the designer is there. From variations to variations, La Femme Prada will play on contrast and surprise to arouse passion and don’t think that the exotic and beautifully summery La Femme Prada Water Splash will be exempt from it! On the contrary, La Femme Prada will be more than ever in the spotlight in this Water Splash thanks to hot and cold contrasts more intense than any other in order to enclose in a bottle an idyllic vacation between scorching sun and icy sea.

The Prada Water Splash Woman, and its very feminine and exotic pink

Usually, the feminine bottles of the Prada house are relatively sober and are distinguished above all by their elegance. For this Prada Water Splash Woman who wants to be summery, the house has bet on an exotic print emblematic of the Prada house to dress the bottle all in a bright and dazzling pink, color very unusual also for Prada. However, the Prada Water Splash Woman continues to beautifully wear the paper that imitates the famous Saffiano leather, as well as wearing an elegant rather classic gold cap that contrasts with the pink of the juice.

The Prada Water Splash Woman between scathing freshness and opulent flowers

If the Intense Prada Woman wanted to evoke the breath of a passionate night, the Prada L’Eau Woman, the cool light of early mornings, the Prada Water Splash Woman wants to symbolize the idyllic vacation of this couple in love between scorching beach and icy water. . Therefore, for this Prada Water Splash Woman Daniela Andrier did not hesitate to increase the hot and cold contrasts to the extreme. The Prada Water Splash Woman therefore opens with an ultra fresh and dynamic note of mandarin, to which is added especially for this opus a dazzling and very green note of mandarin leaf. The frangipani flower is always so voluptuous and sunny, however the magnolia and the lily of the valley bring to this exotic flower a more delicate and fresher floral note.

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