BrandNina RicciThe perfume Nina by Nina Ricci

The perfume Nina by Nina Ricci


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Nina, all the love of a son in a bottle
Nina, all the love of a son in a bottle

Nina, all the love of a son in a bottle

The story of the Nina Ricci brand is first and foremost the story of Marie Adélaïde Nielli. Nicknamed “Nina”, Marie Adélaïde, born in 1883, in Turin. Nina married Louis Ricci and then moved to Monaco. She will have an only son, Robert. It was in 1932 that Nina Ricci founded her house. It was in 1946 that the brand presented its first fragrance, “Coeur de Joie”. However, it was “L’air du temps” in 1948 that propelled the Ricci house to the forefront . In 2006, after the death of his mother, Robert decided to dedicate a perfume to her that would become a “Nina” myth.

Nina, a modern day princess

First of all, you have to know that Nina is a perfume of love. Nina died in 1970, leaving an only son, Robert. When Nina’s husband dies, Nina remains alone with her son, forming an inseparable duo. In 2006, Robert Ricci decided to put all his love in a bottle, thus creating “Nina”. As a tribute to the designer, “Nina” will therefore be a joyful and mischievous fragrance. “Nina” is no longer a child, but not quite a woman. She evolves in a world that is both romantic and magical. The princess discovers her castle every day, which is none other than the capital.

It leaves behind the Parisian cobblestones scents that are sometimes greedy, sometimes sensual. “Nina” is a young, modern but also very refined fragrance. Inspired by the values ​​of the Ricci house, “Nina” here reveals her attachment to Paris, but also to fashion and eternal romanticism.

Nina, the scent of temptation

It is a duo of perfumers who are at the origin of this ultra gourmet composition, namely Olivier Cresp and Jacques Cavallier. “Nina” is defined as a gourmet fruity floral. “Nina” is characterized by a very sparkling opening thanks to notes of Calabrian lemon and caipirinha lime. The heart is both floral and ultra gourmet, because it combines peony with the very gourmet note of praline.

The love apple takes its place here and envelops the heart in an incredible temptation. Finally, the base is a soft and silky embrace with the presence of apple blossom which mingles with the sensuality of white musks.

The bottle is an icon in itself. The apple, which has become the DNA of the Ricci house, is transformed here into a love apple. Majestic and dazzling, the love apple displays a vivid raspberry color. Embellished with a silver leaf, the cabochon offers an ultimate touch of sophistication.

A magical pomp for a magical princess. “Nina” is a modern fairy tale. Fresh, mischievous and radiant, “Nina” is a woman who finds it difficult to leave the world of childhood. This gourmet fragrance is above all ultra joyful, because, let us not forget, “Nina” is a magnificent tribute from Robert to his mother Nina.

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