BrandThe perfume for children Ptisenbon Tartine et Chocolat

The perfume for children Ptisenbon Tartine et Chocolat


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The perfume for children Ptisenbon Tartine et Chocolat
The perfume for children Ptisenbon Tartine et Chocolat

The Ptisenbon perfume, the undisputed best-seller of the Tartine et Chocolat brand

The Tartine et Chocolat brand was created in 1977 by Catherine Painvin. Initially, this determined and daring woman had the ambition to develop the comfort of her own babies. Quickly, his creations were a resounding success, both in France and abroad. Today, Tartine et Chocolat is one of the most popular brands of the stars.

On the strength of its notoriety, Tartine et Chocolat has therefore considerably developed its range. Today, the brand offers both clothes, soft toys, children’s rooms but also a perfume. Ptisenbon is considered one of the brand’s bestsellers. He introduces the little ones to the world of scents, from an early age.

The perfume for children Tartine et Chocolat

Perfume for children is an interesting trend. After all, who said perfumery has to be adults only? This is a great way to introduce the little ones to the world of scents. At the same time, be aware that perfumery for children is particularly controlled.

Thus, it does not create any risk for their fragile skin. Besides, talking about perfumes is too much language. In reality, olfactory compositions for children are scented waters. Unlike classic perfumes, they do not contain alcohol. Thus, scented waters like Ptisenbon have no risk of irritating the skin and causing allergies. Their smell is absolutely not overwhelming so as not to disturb the still sensitive sense of smell of young children. Ptisenbon is a very light fragrance whose delicate scent simply invites people to come together.

Ptisenbon, a floral and airy fragrance

Ptisenbon comes in a simple and rounded bottle. Thus, it instantly gives off a feeling of softness and generosity. Its white color is reminiscent of purity. Its pretty blue hue, meanwhile, recalls the tender universe of childhood. This visual is in perfect harmony with the fragrance contained in this bottle.

Ptisenbon is a fresh and floral scent. Pure and delicate, it takes off on an aerial sensation. Ptisenbon first mixes the sweetness of jasmine with that of lily of the valley. Honeysuckle, meanwhile, amplifies the liveliness of this fragrance. Moreover, this sensation continues even in the heart of this fragrance. Ptisenbon combines lemon and orange. The galbanum envelops everything in softness. Ptisenbon becomes slightly more structured at its base. It brings together woody notes of oak moss and Brazilian rosewood. Musk and amber help to make its recipe more syrupy and warm.

The result is a very harmonious juice, displaying just the right amount of tenacity while maintaining extreme clarity. From then on, no one will be able to resist the urge to take your little one in their arms!

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