BrandThe perfect complexion offered by Diorskin Forever de Dior

The perfect complexion offered by Diorskin Forever de Dior


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The perfect complexion offered by Diorskin Forever de Dior
The perfect complexion offered by Diorskin Forever de Dior

Dior is a renowned brand that continues to develop more and more innovative products to meet the wildest desires of the fairer sex. The research of the house of Dior thus considerably changes the cosmetology sector. Also, what woman has never dreamed of flaunting a perfect complexion while looking absolutely natural? In order to satisfy this desire, Dior had developed, in 2015, a foundation called Diorskin Star. Well, know that its formula was reinterpreted in 2016 to offer us even more efficiency and hold.

The effectiveness of the new Diorskin Forever

“From morning to night, a perfect complexion for 16 hours. A mat and luminous finish, flawless correction and incredible comfort, in all circumstances. Day after day, a refined skin texture thanks to a new formula enriched with the Poreless Effect skincare essence. This is the promise made by the house of Diorabout her new Diorskin Forever foundation. Also, Dior did not just promise us a miracle recipe. Numerous dermatological tests have been carried out to demonstrate the innovative effects of this product on the skin. The Diorskin Forever allows to obtain an absolutely convincing instant result. 94% of women surveyed said they saw a considerable matification of their complexion and said they were satisfied with the 16-hour hold of this product. Similarly, 91% of respondents say they feel a sense of comfort thanks to the Diorskin Forever foundation.. Its fluid texture ensures a mat satin finish and is applied just as much with the finger as with the applicator sponge supplied by Dior. Its rendering is absolutely natural and its perfect coverage leaves no unsightly marks on the skin.

The favorable effects of Dior products on the skin

Clinical evaluations were carried out on skin made up with Diorskin Forever foundation after four weeks of use. These tests showed an 18% reduction in the visibility of the skin pores. In other words, this cosmetic treatment enriched with Poreless Effect technology considerably improves the quality of the epidermis over time. What is more, this foundation contains a protective film against UV rays, the main cause of early skin aging. Likewise, moisturizing agents are also included in the composition of Diorskin Forever. Thus, dry skin is relieved of everyday tightness. What is more, note that its application does not highlight areas of drought and that the result becomes even more beautiful.

In other words, Diorskin Forever is the ideal liquid foundation to harmonize and correct the complexion in a lasting way while promoting its cell renewal. It leaves a feeling of lightness on the skin while ensuring exemplary hold on a daily basis. As the Dior brand says so well: Diorskin Forever… J’Adôre !!

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