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BrandThe Particular Complexion Lancôme

The Particular Complexion Lancôme


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The Particular Complexion Lancôme
The Particular Complexion Lancôme

Le Teint Particulier Custom Made Foundation, the personalization of your foundation by Lancôme

Lancôme is now considered by many women to be THE number one brand in the beauty market. The latter is synonymous with French elegance and offers each of its customers the opportunity to blossom and sublimate her beauty and femininity day after day. Its products are suitable for all ages, all styles and all skin colors. However, it is precisely in this sense that the Teint Particulier Custom Made Foundation was set up. If you do not yet know what it is, well you will be delighted to learn that the Teint Particulier Custom Made Foundation is a real innovation in foundation

The process of creating your foundation

With the Teint Particulier Custom Made Foundation, Lancôme intends to change the way you wear makeup . Its new service is at the cutting edge of technology and offers complete customization of each foundation. Thus, you will obtain a unique product, perfectly suited to your natural skin tone. What is more, Lancôme did not stop at making simple machines available to customers. The Teint Particulier Custom Made Foundation is accompanied by real customer advice. It all starts with an individual consultation with a Lancôme beauty advisor. This then directs you to a scanner specially designed to gather information about your face.

This state-of-the-art machine detects the slightest pigment in the skin and scans all areas of the face to calculate an average color that perfectly matches your skin. Then, after discussion with the beauty advisor, all you have to do is ask Lancôme to make a product with more or less coverage for you. From that moment, the Lancôme machine starts up. Your foundation is prepared before your eyes. Eight different pumps integrate different colored pigments into your make-up tube. Then, it goes into a second machine which mixes everything at high speed. Once the product is perfectly homogeneous, your foundation is returned to you.

The result provided by Lancôme

At first, Lancôme only gives you the equivalent of half a bottle. Indeed, the result obtained is adaptable according to your desires. Thus, it is possible for you to request an adjustment from a lighter shade to a darker one. Your bottle is then completed. A reference number allowing you to make identical refills is also printed directly on your bottle. The result obtained is absolutely stunning. It is both moisturizing, diluted at your convenience and particularly pleasant to apply. Meeting with the counselor allows you to learn more about your skin. All of this provides hydration for 24 consecutive hours as well as a perfect and tenacious finish. The delivered product is made without oil and fragrance. This one promises to make many followers.

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