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UncategorizedThe Panthère Noir Absolu de Cartier

The Panthère Noir Absolu de Cartier


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The Panthère Noir Absolu de Cartier
The Panthère Noir Absolu de Cartier

The Panthère de Cartier returns in a Noir Absolu version more feline than ever

One day Theophrastus affirmed: “The panther is of all animals the only one which smells good naturally. The panther exhales a scent that is agreeable to all other beasts, which is why it hunts by hiding and attracting prey with its scent. This inspired the Cartier house, which decided to make it an essence in 1987. After numerous revisits, it seems that Cartier has once again decided to reinterpret La Panthère by creating a more intense variation than ever. This is how La Panthère Noir Absolu was recently designed.

The history of La Panthère de Cartier

Cartier decided very early on to appropriate the symbol of the panther. Indeed, the Cartier house saw it as a sort of animal icon of femininity. Both divine, free and rebellious, Cartier worked around the theme of the panther in his jewelry from the Roaring Twenties. Then, it was reinterpreted in a perfume, in 1987.

It was Cartier’s very first juice. Eager to give thanks to its heritage, the Cartier brand decided to recreate, three decades later, a modern interpretation of this fragrance. The Panther then made its big comeback in 2014, presenting a floral, tawny and paradoxical trail. From then on, La Panthère no longer seduced only the animal kingdom but succeeded in conquering women all over the planet. Faced with this immense success, Cartier made a first variation of it in the form of an Extract.

This new juice emphasized the more animal facets of the original composition while enriching them with the nobility of the iris. Then, less than a year later, La Panthère became an Eau Légère. It then lit up with the radiance of the tiare flower, at the same time giving new life to the emblematic gardenia of this collection. In this continuity, La Panthère Noir Absolu has just appeared and already promises to seduce you with its many fragrant contradictions.

The bewitching recipe of La Panthère Noir Absolu

As in 2014, Cartier called on perfumer Mathilde Laurent to create La Panthère Noir Absolu. What is more, she is a nose famous for her strong temperament and this is how she recognizes herself in this juice which is both feminine and rebellious. She then chose to work again around the gardenia. Indeed, this plant has been the signature of La Panthère since its creation.

It is a small shrub famous for its very fragrant white flowers and used in perfumery to give more temperament to floral scents. What is more, it is a noble material which is most often reserved for luxurious essences. However, as if that weren’t enough, Cartier also chose to add oud wood to its recipe. It is one of the most expensive materials in the world and very popular in the East. This releases here a woody and leathery trail further reinforced by the sensuality of musks. Of course, the Cartier bottle has remained almost unchanged. A true technical feat, it is a heavy block of glass sculpted with a geometric silhouette.

On closer inspection, this one draws the face of a panther with a square and angular jaw. The whole thing is absolutely fascinating and lets us glimpse the amber color of the juice of La Panthère Noir Absolu.

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