PerfumeThe original format of the novelty Black Opium Click...

The original format of the novelty Black Opium Click & Go by Yves Saint-Laurent


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The original format of the novelty Black Opium Click & Go by Yves Saint-Laurent
The original format of the novelty Black Opium Click & Go by Yves Saint-Laurent

Black Opium Click & Go, the Yves Saint-Laurent perfume pen will never leave you!

In 1977, Yves Saint-Laurent created a perfume called Opium, literally adulated by some and decried by others for its illicit connotation. At the time of its release, Opium was banned in some countries but also out of stock given its growing popularity. The history of this perfume is such that the Yves Saint-Laurent brand decided to reinvent it in 2014 to make Black Opium, a juice just as rebellious but aimed at a new generation of women. Today, Black Opium invites itself in a whole new format and promises to follow you everywhere. Focus on the new Black Opium Click & Go!

The new format of Black Opium Click & Go

Black Opium Click & Go contains exactly the same scent as the Black Opium perfumeclassic that we all know. On the other hand, its format is really surprising. Black Opium Click & Go takes the form of a small pen, whose glittery black walls are strangely reminiscent of the style of the Black Opium bottle. The only difference? Black Opium Click & Go fits in any pocket or makeup bag. It can therefore be taken absolutely everywhere! It offers a gesture of application unprecedented in perfumery. Black Opium Click & Go is a pen that contains a sensual scented gel, which melts on the skin and delicately scents it. The pen of the Black Opium Click & Go holds up to 200 clicks, and each of them is sufficient for a complete perfume on the three pulse points. Troubling and fascinating, Black Opium Click & Go is the ideal ally to perfume you for any occasion,

The unchanged formula of Black Opium

The fragrance contained in Black Opium Click & Go is exactly the same as that of the very first Black Opium of 2014. This new format invites you to rediscover this emblematic floral coffee designed by Yves Saint-Laurent. Black Opium Click & Go contains electrifying energy. The pear runs through the whole for a juicier freshness, contrasting with a contribution of spices and the ardor of pink berries. Black Opium Click & Go offers us a vibrant and fascinating chiaroscuro game. It ends with a more sulphurous base of vanilla associated with woody notes. For more femininity, her heart is made up of a bouquet of white flowers.

Black Opium Click & Go, the scent of a rebellious and nomadic woman

Black Opium Click & Go is for all modern day adventurers, women who are constantly on the move. Always a bit rebellious and illicit, it is intended for all those who are not cold-eyed and who are not afraid to play with their charms. With Black Opium Click & Go, women become more disarming than ever!

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