Complexion makeupThe new YSL All Hours Skin Ink Primer

The new YSL All Hours Skin Ink Primer


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The new YSL All Hours Skin Ink Primer
The new YSL All Hours Skin Ink Primer

Say goodbye to skin blemishes with Yves Saint-Laurent All Hours Encre de Peau Primer

Who has never dreamed of having a real peach skin, at the same time soft and velvety and showing no imperfections? However, despite our best efforts, it is almost a miracle!

Beauty products are unfortunately not enough to negate the unexpected appearance of small pimples, redness, or irregularities. Fortunately, there are makeup products to overcome this. Yves Saint-Laurent All Hours Encre de Peau Primer has precisely this objective, and intends to even out your complexion while considerably increasing the hold of your makeup.

The miraculous effects of Primer All Hours Encre de Peau

The Primer All Hours Encre de Peau is a new generation product that brings together a whole lot of benefits. It is the essential makeup product to obtain flawless skin. It acts like a backdrop on your face, and smooths out the smallest roughness of it.

Thus, it covers the skin with a sort of unifying film which allows makeup to be retained and not to see it slip through the streaks of the skin. In addition, the Primer All Hours Encre de Peau acts as a kind of shield. It prevents the epidermis from coming into direct contact with the outside world. Thus, it creates on it a kind of protective film preventing it from being directly covered by make-up, and from being suffocated by impurities and pollution.

Thanks to it, your skin will therefore be permanently more radiant and smoother. It also prevents your skin cells from losing hydration. Of course, like any self-respecting primer, Yves Saint-Laurent’s product contains mattifying agents which absorb sebum and which are very effective for oily skin.

Likewise, the Primer All Hours Encre de Peau reduces redness in reactive skin and limits skin dryness. It also treats the appearance of pigment spots related to age or acne. Finally, it helps wake up dull skin and make it more radiant than ever.

How to apply the Yves Saint-Laurent Primer?

The Primer All Hours Encre de Peau is a new generation product intended for a very wide audience. Dermatologically tested, it is ideal for daily use, even on the most sensitive skin. It can be used just as much on a young epidermis as on a more mature skin. It is applied to a previously cleansed and hydrated face, either just after applying your day cream, and just before applying your foundation. To use it, all you need to do is place a small amount on the center of your face and stretch it towards its contour.

As with a classic foundation, do not hesitate to stretch the product up to your neck, so as not to create a demarcation at the level of your jaw. You can then apply the Primer All Hours Encre de Peau with your finger as well as with a brush or a sponge, everything is a matter of preference.

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