BrandGuerlainThe new Terracotta: Oil in the Wind

The new Terracotta: Oil in the Wind


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The new Terracotta: Oil in the Wind
The new Terracotta: Oil in the Wind

Terracotta Huile Sous Le Vent, Guerlain’s latest find to enhance your beauty

Guerlain Terracotta is more than just a beauty product. She is an absolute myth, a concentrate of charm, a planetary must. This compact powder appeared in 1984, revolutionizing the art of makeup. Directly inspired by a trip to the heart of the desert, this product is today one of the best-selling in the world. Riding directly on its success, the Guerlain house keeps reinventing it. Thus, Terracotta has become in turn a perfume, a tanning accelerator, a foundation … This time, this emblematic product is metamorphosed in the form of Terracotta Huile Sous Le Vent, a dry oil intended for your body and for your hair.

The ingredients in Terracotta Oil Under the Wind

The Terracotta Oil Under The Wind is full of natural ingredients to enhance the beauty of your body, your face and your hair. This is based on the Tan Booster complex from Guerlain. This one comes from the carob tree, a Mediterranean tree helping to prepare the epidermis for tanning and to sublimate the skin. At the same time, Guerlain has also introduced three islands in its Terracotta Huile Sous Le Vent.Its sweet almond oil serves to sublimate the body. Indeed, it is a source of vitamin A and E, ingredients improving the flexibility of the skin and accelerating its cell renewal. Thus, thanks to this product, the epidermis gives way to infinite softness. The Terracotta Oil Under The Wind is therefore an ideal product to soothe sensitive, dry and irritated skin. Camelina oil also enriches its recipe. This contains antioxidants and helps strengthen the epidermis. Thus, it fights against the visible signs of cutaneous aging and makes the skin durably stronger and more radiant. Finally, Limnanthe seed oil acts directly on your hair. Its fatty acids nourish the hair fiber and make all of your hair silkier and less dry.

Guerlain application advice

For optimal effectiveness, Guerlain recommends applying its Terracotta Huile Sous Le Vent daily, and even more after sun exposure. This product is used throughout the year. Then just drop a few drops directly on your skin and spread this oil. Without rinsing, it sublimates the natural tan of your skin while nourishing it intensely. The Terracotta Oil Under The Wind does not require rinsing and does not leave a sticky feeling behind. Likewise, Terracotta Oil Under The Wind can be applied to the hair, preferably to the lengths. This creates a wet effect or is used as a mask before shampooing.

The floral and bewitching fragrance of Terracotta Oil Under The Wind

Finally, because a Guerlain product would be nothing without a subtle fragrance, note that Terracotta Huile Sous Le Vent is enriched with a subtly exotic fragrance. Its recipe indeed contains tiare flower, thus projecting us with a simple breath into an exotic and heavenly elsewhere. Thus, Terracotta Oil Under The Wind can quite replace a perfume and is very pleasant on a hot summer day.

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