BrandThe new Terracotta illuminating stick from Guerlain

The new Terracotta illuminating stick from Guerlain


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The new Terracotta illuminating stick from Guerlain

Illuminate your face with Guerlain Terracotta Skin Illuminator

Having a pretty skin is no easy task and requires daily attention … Indeed, only the use of a foundation is not enough to give you a porcelain face. In addition to the blush, which brings color to the skin, the highlighter is a product that is attracting more and more people around the world. It guarantees freshness that lasts for hours. Mattifying and radiant with radiance, it provides an instant sensation of liveliness, as if you had just enjoyed the benefits of a day in the great outdoors. Today, Terracotta is therefore up to date. Focus on the Terracotta Skin Illuminator.

Terracotta Skin Illuminator, a radiant and soothing product

The Terracotta Skin Illuminator benefits from all of Guerlain‘s expertise in cosmetics, make-up and perfumery. Indeed, its formula is full of countless benefits. Available in three different colors, Terracotta Skin Illuminator adapts to all skin tones. Its stick format allows it to be taken absolutely everywhere, and greatly facilitates its application. Fun and practical, Terracotta Skin Illuminator refreshes the face. It brings pearly reflections to the skin and instantly illuminates your skin surface.

Depending on the desired intensity, it also warms the face, while preserving a very natural effect. Its texture is resistant to humidity and temperature variations, which also makes it an excellent companion in the summer season. Rich in jojoba oil, Terracotta Skin Illuminator preserves your skin’s hydration for 6 hours. With him, all is comfort and pleasure. Finally, to immerse yourself in an exotic and soothing universe, Terracotta Skin Illuminator is rich in a sparkling accord of orange blossom, jasmine, ylang-ylang, vanilla and tiare flower. Its scent instantly projects us into a distant land.

Back to the history of Terracotta

If Guerlain’s Terracotta Skin Illuminator is at the heart of the latest trends of the moment, Terracotta, meanwhile, has been talking about it since the 80s. Indeed, this world famous powder has revolutionized the history of make-up and femininity. Until its appearance, women used to apply makeup with very covering and opaque products. Terracotta brought them lightness, while sublimating the face with a solar radiance, like a post-vacation tan in just three seconds! Olivier Echaudemaison, makeup director of Guerlain easily explains the success of this product: “We were the first to offer a bronzer with a natural effect,” he says. It was revolutionary at a time when makeup was all artifice ”. For even more pleasure, Terracotta is now reinventing itself in multiple formulas,

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