PerfumeThe new scented jewelry, Essentiel by Elie Saab

The new scented jewelry, Essentiel by Elie Saab


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The new scented jewelry, Essentiel by Elie Saab
The new scented jewelry, Essentiel by Elie Saab

A very refreshing breath floats on Elie Saab’s new Essential Perfume

Elie Saab was born in Lebanon, in a modest family. Having grown up in a working-class neighborhood, while the Lebanese civil war was raging, nothing predestined him to become one of the greatest couturiers of his time. However, his passion for styling took him to the highest spheres of world Haute Couture. Then, in 2011, Elie Saab decided that it was time to add an extra touch to his creations, by making his first perfume. In all simplicity, he chooses to give his name to his fragrance. This is how Le Parfum Elie Saab appeared. Today, after several reinterpretations of its scent, it gives birth to a new variation of its recipe. Focus on Le Parfum Essentiel by Elie Saab.

Elie Saab’s Essential Perfume, mandarin as a central ingredient

Elie Saab’s Essential Perfume is a very refined juice, which owes its existence to the perfumer Maïa Lernout. Here, the major ingredients of its predecessors have been preserved. Nevertheless, a touch of freshness and additional lightness has been added to this composition. Thus, Elie Saab’s traditional patchouli-orange blossom accord resurfaces, while enveloping itself in new raw materials. Mandarin reinforces the liveliness of this fragrance and gives it a tangy and airy touch. Then, the gardenia flower fully expresses the quintessence of femininity according to Elie Saab. To this is also added a note of cedar at its base, bringing more content and strength to this composition.

Elie Saab’s Essential Perfume, the essence of a free woman

Through this perfume, Elie Saab wanted to give us the portrait of a new woman. Of course, its refinement remains intact. In contrast, the Elie Saab woman of 2020 seems more free than before. This luxurious but not ostentatious fragrance fits perfectly with the emblematic style of the designer. The one who carries this essence is invited to refocus on herself to better rediscover her deepest desires. Elie Saab’s Essential Perfume prompts each person to ask themselves a question: what are their essential values ​​and desires? More than a simple fragrance, Elie Saab’s Le Parfum Essentiel is an experience to be lived, a manifesto of freedom.

Elie Saab’s Essential Perfume and its jewel bottle

The Perfume Essential Elie Saab comes in a bottle of very fine glass and reflecting alone all the love of the Creator for design and architecture. Carved like a diamond, it has many different facets that play with the light, both on its base and on its cap. Elie Saab’s Essential Perfume now has a peach-pink juice. Moreover, this color is also present on a fine border located at the level of its collar. A golden label inscribes its name on its front face with elegance and sobriety. Finally, a coat of arms emerges on its walls in a more intense color, as if to give an additional touch of nobility to this visual.

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