PerfumeThe new scent of seduction: This is Love! For...

The new scent of seduction: This is Love! For Her by Zadig & Voltaire


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The new scent of seduction: This is Love!  For Her by Zadig & Voltaire
The new scent of seduction: This is Love! For Her by Zadig & Voltaire

Turn the heat up a notch with This is Love fragrance! For Her by Zadig & Voltaire!

With Zadig & Voltaire, conventions and standards have no place! The Parisian brand far prefers rock spirits and slightly rebellious muses! The skull and the angel have become the brand’s icons, enough to say a lot about its visionary spirit and originality! However, this is precisely how Zadig & Voltaire’s latest perfume was conceived. Designed from noble raw materials, it is nonetheless very extravagant. This is Love! Pour Elle is for all those who are not afraid of anything. He gives us all the drive and strength of a budding love.

This is Love! For Her, a contrasting recipe, between thrill and seduction

With the fragrance This is Love! For Her, sensuality is revealed little by little, over the hours. Thus, the temperature rises gradually, until reaching its climax in its base notes. It all starts with a very energizing and lively touch of ginger. Moreover, the choice of this ingredient was not made at random: don’t we say that it is one of the most aphrodisiac raw materials there is? Then, the peppery breath of this ingredient gives way to a more feminine and sensual heart. At this moment, the violet is enveloped in vanilla, for a warm and particularly addictive effect. Finally, This is Love! Pour Elle ends with a more woody and warm base. The sandalwood gives it a voluptuous breath, evoking two loving bodies hugging each other.

Zadig & Voltaire opts for an electrifying bottle

If the This is Love! For Elle is not made to leave indifferent, it must be recognized that its visual does not go unnoticed either. The silhouette of the Zadig & Voltaire bottle remains unchanged. It is still a thick cube of glass, all the walls of which, except for its right side, are perfectly regular. Her right face, on the other hand, seems to have been shattered with a quick movement, thus forming ripples in her glass. The neutral color of the old days of the Zadig & Voltaire bottle has completely disappeared. This time, it becomes more electric than ever, by daring a gradient evolving from pink to yellow. To satisfy all desires, the This is Love perfume! Pour Elle is available in three different sizes of 30, 50 and 100 ml.

This is Love! For Her, the scent of a young lover who does not lack temperament!

This is Love! Pour Elle by Zadig & Voltaire is aimed at all the free and spontaneous young women of today. It is a perfume endowed with a lightning sensuality, like an instant love at first sight. With him, everything is a question of love and passion. So, how about letting yourself be seduced by your partner and succumbing to your wildest fantasies? This is Love! For Her it is like “a burning desire”, “a caress” or a “love fever”.

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