Beauty CareThe new Rénergie Multi Lift Lancôme mask

The new Rénergie Multi Lift Lancôme mask


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The new Rénergie Multi Lift Lancôme mask
The new Rénergie Multi Lift Lancôme mask

Lancôme’s Rénergie Multi Lift Mask, a firming lifting for your skin

The Lancôme house does everything it can to sublimate femininity day after day and satisfy your daily happiness. For this, she now has a large range of makeup, perfumes and care . What is more, Lancôme does not rest on its achievements and is constantly developing new formulas to preserve your beauty as long as possible. In this context, the brand has decided to take action to maintain the firmness of your face and fight against the signs of premature aging of the skin. This is how its new Rénergie Multi Lift Mask was born.

My skin is losing its firmness. Why ?

It is around the age of 25 that the skin begins to age. Of course, at this age, the first signs of aging are minimal. However, it’s never too early to take action and prevent your face from losing volume and elasticity. Aging of the skin is a completely natural process which is caused by both internal and external factors. With age, the amount of elastin or hyaluronic acid decreases in your body. Your skin therefore becomes drier and less supple.

This phenomenon is completely inevitable. At the same time, the lifestyle you adopt can then amplify its effects. In addition, the sun, repeated fatigue, the consumption of alcohol or tobacco, pollution, are all elements that attack your skin on a daily basis and accelerate the aging of the skin . Little by little, the structure of your face evolves and the elasticity, the firmness, and the luminosity of the latter diminish. The dermal tissue is less dense and the skin seems less well maintained. What is more, it retains water less efficiently in the heart of these cells. It is therefore precisely against all these harmful effects, and to help your face, that Lancôme has developed the Rénergie Multi Lift Mask.

The Rénergie Multi Lift Mask, the science of smoother, smoother skin

Lancôme’s Rénergie Multi Lift Mask works overnight, because it is during this moment that your skin regenerates itself the best. As she is no longer busy fighting external aggressions, she is active in order to regain all her health and beauty. The Rénergie Multi Lift Mask therefore comes to its aid and restores the elasticity of the skin. Little by little, the face seems tightened and its oval is redrawn. The jaw area is more specifically targeted. It becomes thinner, and the skin immediately appears lifted.

The Rénergie Multi Lift Mask acts on the facial contour when it loses its sharpness. It continuously hydrates the epidermis and helps it regain all its flexibility. Application after application, the Rénergie Multi Lift Mask soothes the face. It offers women a complete anti-aging solution, while integrating elements of primarily natural origin in its formula.

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