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PerfumeThe new Pop Art by Repetto: Pop Repetto

The new Pop Art by Repetto: Pop Repetto


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The new Pop Art by Repetto: Pop Repetto
The new Pop Art by Repetto: Pop Repetto

Pop Repetto, when the world of Pop Art comes to Repetto

The Repetto brand is famous the world over for its iconic dance ballerinas. As such, for more than half a century she has accompanied the small ras of opera on the biggest stages in the world. However, Repetto and its perfumes are also committed to making all women and girls dream. This is why, little by little, it has chosen to diversify its offer to create leather goods as well as perfumes. What if, for once, Repetto was inspired by another artistic universe than that of dance? This is now done thanks to the new limited edition of one of its famous perfumes. Focus on the new Pop Repetto, a juice directly inspired by the Pop Art universe.

Pop Art, what is it?

To better understand this new perfume, let’s start by looking at the world of Pop Art. This artistic movement was born in the 1950s, in Great Britain and the United States. His goal ? Challenge artistic traditions by incorporating visual elements typical of popular culture into works of art. Thus, Pop Art removes certain elements from their usual context and isolates the objects to combine them with other elements. This gives quite abstract creations but still very colorful. Pop Art is distinguished by its expressionism and its mixture of advertising elements or extracts from comics. It is therefore all these elements that we find in the Pop Repetto perfume .

Pop Repetto, an infinitely Pop Art bottle

Pop Repetto has a visual inspired by its predecessor, the 2013 Repetto Perfume. Thus, its silhouette is an ode to movement. Its shape is that of a moving and generous curve. Its cap, meanwhile, is irregular. Its transparent pink silhouette, meanwhile, has been preserved. On the other hand, the bottle of Pop Repetto seems much less “wise” than in the past. It is embellished with new details more centered and sharp. First of all, the word “Pop” is inscribed on its front face in the manner of a comic book onomatopoeia. The R of Repetto, meanwhile, is attached to a silk ribbon, itself attached to the neck of this bottle. Formerly soft pink, this pretty ribbon is reinvented in a flashy yellow color. The set is presented to us in a cardboard box representing the bottle in question.

The springtime and cheerful scent of Pop Repetto

On the scent side, Pop Repetto is in total agreement with its visual. Its fragrance makes you want to see life in color, and is clearly inspired by the lively and colorful world of Pop Art. This is a joyful, warm and seductive composition. Pop Repetto is an explosive and aquatic fragrance that launches with a fruity scent of pomegranate. His heart, meanwhile, becomes more floral and poetic. It combines jasmine and peony. A base of almond and tonka bean softens it all, while the cedar further amplifies its tenacity.

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