PerfumeMen's PerfumeThe new image of the hero Invictus Intense

The new image of the hero Invictus Intense


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The new image of the hero Invictus Intense
The new image of the hero Invictus Intense

When Invictus appeared in 2013, it amazed as much by its resolutely masculine marketing concept as by its wildly creative packaging or its absolutely addictive flavor. Playing with overdose in all respects, this perfume literally conquered the hearts of the public with a simple breath. Building on this success, Invictus has therefore decided to return in 2017 in an Intense version . Although few elements of its marketing campaign have so far been revealed, some information has nevertheless already infiltrated… Here is what awaits you in the coming weeks!

Invictus Intense takes us into a highly charged atmosphere

The first elements of the marketing campaign for Invictus Intense already let us think that the atmosphere will always be that of Greek mythology. Paco Rabanne intends to plunge us back into the Pantheon of the Demi-Gods in a decor loaded with white marble and hot gilding. This time, Invictus Intense will be accompanied by its female counterpart, the famous Olympéa, also revisited for the occasion in an Intense version.

Still, it may well be that the vibe is a lot more quirky than it used to be. Paco Rabanne’s press kit then explains this choice in these terms: “Olympéa dreams of power, Invictus only thinks of victory. What is the use of settling for the ordinary? How not to get bored when nothing stands in your way? To survive boredom, you have to have fun. […] Two is better. Paco Rabanne has therefore already warned his fans that the air would be more electric than ever. Invictus Intense will embody a sort of modern-day hero more conquering and desirable than ever. He will be in the image of a man at the height of his glory and his power still revealed by spectacular effects and decorations.

Expect a real show of force this time around!

 Nick Youngquest, back at Paco Rabanne?

On the other hand, nobody knows yet if Nick Youngquest will once again be the face of Invictus Intense. In addition, it has embodied the image of the fragrance since its launch in 2013.

Both athletic and attractive, this Australian model is a former professional rugby player. It was in 2006 that he first appeared as a model, posing naked for the rugby calendar and raising controversy after a very revealing photo. However, this only helped to establish his notoriety, until the handsome blond was hired by Ford Models agencies then DT Model Management and now Paco Rabanne.

It must be said that Nick Youngquest embodies the image of this perfume better than any other man. The sports field is indeed her universe and her physical strength is a reflection of the power of this new perfume. So ladies, a little more patience, it may well be that the release of the new Invictus Intense will soon bring back the handsome Australian …

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