Beauty Carethe new Hypnôse 5 Colors Palette from Lancôme, the...

the new Hypnôse 5 Colors Palette from Lancôme, the secret to dress up your eyes


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the new Hypnôse 5 Colors Palette from Lancôme, the secret to dress up your eyes
the new Hypnôse 5 Colors Palette from Lancôme, the secret to dress up your eyes

Dress up your eyes with the new Hypnôse 5 Colors Palette from Lancôme

Season after season, Lancôme reinvents trends and sublimates women with new make-up products . Lancôme thus ranks among the largest beauty brands on the planet. Her new make-up items are always eagerly awaited and brilliantly combine efficiency, sensoriality and novelty. Once again, in 2019, Lancôme is reappropriating one of the great standards of makeup and incorporating the best of science. Focus on its new Hypnôse 5 Colors Palette, concentrated in softness to draw sublime gradations on your eyes.

The new Lancôme case

The Hypnôse 5 Colors Palette is a small black box containing, as its name suggests, five different eye shadows. These are ideally designed to harmonize with each other. Likewise, to facilitate your application, Lancôme has also integrated two foam applicators into its makeup case. Everything is also equipped with a small mirror that will allow you to make up again wherever you are.

The soft texture of the new Hypnôse 5 Colors Palette

The new Hypnôse 5 Colors Palette brings together new generation shadows, with a softer and creamier texture. This offers several advantages. First of all, this softness facilitates their application. The epidermis is also better protected and perfectly hydrated throughout the day, which limits tightness around the eye area. Finally, their creamy effects allow them to obtain more homogeneous colors that do not run in the folds of the skin. 97.1% of women who have tested this product say that their texture is very soft. 95.2% of them underline the comfort and homogeneity of this new product.

The Hypnôse 5 Colors Palette, highly pigmented eye shadows

Finally, the Hypnôse 5 Colors Palette is made up of five powders with different finishes: mat, pearly, iridescent and glitter. Available in 10 different assortments, the Lancôme Hypnôse 5 Colors Palette gives free rein to all your desires. By assembling several colors, it prevents you from making mistakes in your makeup, and combines colors that blend perfectly with each other. Very pigmented, the eye shadows of the Hypnôse 5 Colors Palette display extraordinary tenacity and radiance. Used dry, the eyeshadows in the Hypnôse 5 Colors Palette offer buildable coverage and a luminous finish. When wet, they turn into a cream and stretch into a fresher and more intense silky film.
Each powder is designed to be applied to a specific area of ​​the eyes:
– No. 1 (on the left of the box) serves as a base and covers the entire eyelid up to the brow bone.
– The n ° 2 is deposited only on the upper eyelid to give it more intensity.
– No. 3 adds relief to the center of the eyelid.
– No. 4 is placed on the outer corner of the eye to intensify the look.
– The n ° 5 serves as an eyeliner and makes up the level of the eyelashes.

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