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Beauty CareThe new High Nutrition Velvet Treatment from Sisley

The new High Nutrition Velvet Treatment from Sisley


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The new High Nutrition Velvet Treatment from Sisley
The new High Nutrition Velvet Treatment from Sisley

Make your skin more beautiful with Sisley Saffron Blossoms Velvet Care

Whether in terms of care, makeup or perfumes, the Sisley house demonstrates extraordinary expertise and is always inspired by the best of nature. His knowledge of cosmetology is recognized all over the planet. Thus, its range meets very different needs and corresponds to all types of skin. Sisley’s research allows him to regularly establish new products and ever more successful formulas. In this context, Sisley this time chose to take inspiration from one of the most prestigious spices on the planet to make a skin care product. This is how Sisley’s Saffron Flowers Velvet Treatment was born .

Saffron Blossoms Velvet Care for more resistant skin

Sisley’s Saffron Flower Velvet Treatment combines three actions in a single product. First of all, it acts directly on the epidermis to make it more resistant. It adapts to the natural rhythm of your skin and does not act on the same skin aspects day and night. During the day, buckwheat seed extract protects your vulnerable skin from oxidation. At night, on the other hand, shea butter takes over to repair it and help it regenerate. Thus, your skin is immediately stronger and better protected day after day against aggressions.

Sisley offers you the pleasure of soothed skin

At the same time, the Saffron Blossoms Velvet Care offers instant soothing to your skin. This is precisely where its extract of saffron flowers comes in. The latter is recognized for its soothing properties. It instantly gives more comfort to dry skin and revives the complexion. From then on, it is a feeling of instant comfort that takes hold of your skin.

The Saffron Blossoms Velvet Treatment to balance your skin

Finally, the Saffron Flowers Velvet Care has the ability to rebalance your skin. A trio of oils rich in omega 6,7 ​​and 9 strengthens the flexibility and comfort of your skin surface. These are combined with Japanese lily of the valley extract which activates your skin’s natural nutrition mechanisms. From then on, your lipid deficiencies are filled. A moisturizing complex is also integrated into the formula of Sisley’s Saffron Flower Velvet Treatment. The latter makes it possible to compensate for water deficiencies. Immediately, your skin appears better nourished and better hydrated . It thus becomes more beautiful while being more comfortable.

Sisley’s Saffron Blossoms Velvet Care is applied to clean, dry skin, face and neck, in the morning and in the evening. From then on, all you have to do is let yourself be seduced by its scent of honey and orange blossoms. Also note that Sisley’s Saffron Flower Velvet Care penetrates very quickly into the heart of the skin, allowing you to apply makeup immediately after its application.

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