BrandThe new Chanel Matte Colored Crayon Rouge

The new Chanel Matte Colored Crayon Rouge


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The new Chanel Matte Colored Crayon Rouge
The new Chanel Matte Colored Crayon Rouge

Thanks to Chanel Rouge Crayon de Couleur Mat, applying makeup has never been so easy!

Childhood is undoubtedly already far behind you but the memories of this bygone era are still very present in your memory. Remember: you used to easily use kinds of big fat chalk to make all kinds of pretty drawings … Well, it is precisely the shape of these that the jumbo pencils are inspired by. Recently arrived in the makeup department, these applicators greatly facilitate the way you put on makeup. Usually, the jumbo pencil is used more on the eyes, as part of a smoky makeup. Today, Chanel is disrupting trends and conventional codes. The jumbo pencil is invited to the lip makeup department. Focus on the Matte Colored Pencil Red.

The Matte Colored Crayon Rouge, add fun to your lipstick!

Chanel Rouge Crayon de Couleur Mat offers you a whole new way of putting on make-up, much more fun than usual. Are you in a constant rush? You don’t have a minute to treat yourself to a careful make-up touch-up? The Matte Colored Pencil Red is the solution for you! Easy to take everywhere, it can be applied in a single gesture. Its retractable lead twists with a simple gesture, letting out its brightly colored lead. The Matte Colored Crayon Rouge has a slippery and creamy texture, making its application particularly easy. Chanel Rouge Crayon de Couleur Mat is the simple, fun and quick make-up of the moment. A must-have that you will not be able to do without!

The formula of Rouge Matte Color Pencil

Chanel Rouge Crayon de Couleur Mat has a waterproof and long-lasting formula. The latter resists up to 4 hours after application. However, despite its tenacity, the Matte Colored Crayon Rouge remains airy and non-sticky. Enriched with natural waxes, it does not dry out the epidermis. While ensuring your comfort, it remains non-greasy and non-sticky. Its colored pigments are homogeneous and the Matte Colored Pencil Red is already available in six different colors. The colors they offer are intensely matte and flashy, fully in tune with the times!

Our application tips

Know that the Matte Colored Pencil Red not only allows you to draw the outline of your mouth but also to color the inside. To use it properly, start by popping out its lead by rotating its case. Then use its tip to draw the outline of your mouth. Thanks to its flat part, you just need to fill in and color the inside of your lips.

For the little extra tip, know that Chanel Rouge Crayon de Couleur Mat can also be applied to the cheeks. Once faded, it acts like a real blush.

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