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PerfumeThe new Black Opium ad with Zoé Kravitz

The new Black Opium ad with Zoé Kravitz


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The new Black Opium ad with Zoé Kravitz
The new Black Opium ad with Zoé Kravitz

Yves Saint-Laurent lifts the veil on the new advertisement for Black Opium

Yves Saint-Laurent is a designer who has always loved to cause scandal. Thus, he began to be talked about very early in the field of perfumery, as soon as Opium was released in 1977, with a very illicit connotation, and criticized by many. Never mind, it took more to slow down the talented Yves Saint-Laurent! Today, this essence has become Black Opium and continues to be talked about. In this context, Yves Saint-Laurent has decided to offer him a brand new advertisement, of which here are the first images …

Who is the new face of Black Opium?

Until now, the perfume Black Opium by Yves Saint-Laurent was embodied on the screen by the seductive Edie Campbell, strolling in the dark night, to the sound of the music “Jungle” of the singer Emma Louise. However, it is clear that the pretty brunette has given way to a brand new muse. This time, it is indeed Zoe Kravitz who embodies the new Black Opium woman. His name necessarily tells you something …

She is none other than the daughter of singer Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet. At the same time, Zoé Kravitz already has a full CV. After trying her hand at music without much success, Zoé Kravitz entered the world of cinema from which her notoriety emerged, thanks in particular to her role in X-Men: The Beginning in 2011 as well as in the Divergent saga of 2014. to 2016. Yves Saint-Laurent is therefore proud to present her to us as “a woman who speaks without filter, endowed with a magnetism, a mystery and an innate charisma. A woman who puts her style and beauty at the service of the world of Yves Saint-Laurent ”.

Yves Saint-Laurent opts for music well known to the general public

This new commercial for Black Opium, developed in collaboration with the Parisian agency BETC, takes place on the track “The Hill” by Canadian R&B singer The Weeknd, and is taken from his second album “Beauty Behind The Madness” of 2015. Si this music was chosen, know that it is above all for its words. Through a secret relationship, the singer evokes excesses of all kinds such as alcohol, sex and drugs. Addiction is omnipresent in this musical title, just like in the universe of Black Opium .

The very dark atmosphere of Black Opium

As always, the Yves Saint-Laurent house opts for a very dark universe. The scene takes place at night and Zoe Kravitz wanders through a megalopolis. We follow her to the top of a building. The pretty brunette then enters a nightclub, whose circular door is reminiscent of the porthole on the front of the bottle of Black Opium. The images end with a portrait of Zoé Kravitz accompanied by the slogan “Do you feel the call? »… So, will you be one of those who succumb to the” call “of temptation?

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