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Beauty Carethe natural solution of clarins: The Intensive Brightening Anti-Dark...

the natural solution of clarins: The Intensive Brightening Anti-Dark Spot Serum


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the natural solution of clarins: The Intensive Brightening Anti-Dark Spot Serum
the natural solution of clarins: The Intensive Brightening Anti-Dark Spot Serum

A radiant skin with life with the Bright Plus Intensive Brightening Anti-Dark Spot Serum from Clarins

An exhausting day, an excess of pollution in the air, less healthy food, a lack of sleep… And now these little everyday disappointments appear on your face! In what form ? At the slightest annoyance, your skin becomes duller and your face lacks radiance. This is where the expression “to look bad” comes from. What if the Clarins brand had found a solution to restore your skin to all its splendor and luminosity? To shine more beautifully, we invite you to discover Clarins Intensive Brightening Anti-Dark Spot Serum.

Loss of skin radiance, a common phenomenon

The lack of radiance of the skin is a very common phenomenon, both in men and in women, in summer as in winter. This usually happens when the epidermis becomes drier. Indeed, when the surface of the body suffers from dryness, it rests and produces less sebum. It therefore evacuates dead cells less well and regenerates less quickly. It therefore lacks oxygenation and this is immediately felt in its luminosity. Moreover, this skin slowing is also observed with age. Therefore, mature skin is generally duller than young skin. Finally, there are also other external factors such as pollution, stress, a dietary imbalance or hormonal problems.

The Bright Plus Serum, the ideal treatment to improve the oxygenation and hydration of the skin

Clarins Bright Plus Sérum acts on several aspects at the same time. It has a double oxygenating power and thus stimulates cellular respiration. As the skin oxygenates better, its radiance is immediately revived. At the same time, the Bright Plus Serum also targets pigment spots and unifies the complexion. By intensely hydrating the epidermis, Clarins Intensive Brightening Anti-Dark Spot Serum acts from the inside and boosts skin radiance.
To fully benefit from all these benefits, Clarins recommends using the Intensive Brightening Anti-Dark Spot Serum daily, for at least 28 days. After this period, 92% of women who tested this product found their skin more radiant with health. 87% of them say that their complexion is even. 84% of women also notice a reduction in the color of their pigment spots.

The natural active ingredients contained in the Clarins Intensive Lightening Anti-Dark Spot Serum

In all of its treatments, the Maison Clarins relies mainly on products of natural origin. Therefore, the Bright Plus Serum is no exception to tradition. To achieve such results, he relies on acerola seed extract, a powerful stimulant of skin oxygenation. Here, it is associated with black elderberry, with a soothing effect, as well as alchemilla, a plant widely used in cosmetics, a source of radiance and skin lightening.
For better efficiency, Clarins recommends applying the Anti-Dark Spot Brightening Intensive Serum by massaging and gently pressing on the face, to further accentuate cell regeneration. This product is also used in the neck and décolleté.

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