BrandAzzaroThe Most Wanted, the new vibrant fragrance by Azzaro

The Most Wanted, the new vibrant fragrance by Azzaro


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The Most Wanted, the new vibrant fragrance by Azzaro
The Most Wanted, the new vibrant fragrance by Azzaro

Loris Azzaro is a creator of Mediterranean origin, always very proud to defend his origins and displaying the typical character of men from this region of the globe. Masculine, charismatic and hedonistic, he never hesitated to burn his life at both ends. However, it is precisely by taking inspiration from this that Azzaro’s Wanted perfume was designed in 2016. Developed by perfumer Francis Pellegrin, Wanted is intended to be as woody as it is refreshing or spicy. Already reinvented in 2018 to become Wanted by Night, it will once again take center stage in April 2021. Get ready to welcome the intensity of The Most Wanted!

The Most Wanted, the scent of a daring and seductive man

The Most Wanted by Azzaro is a fragrance that does not go unnoticed. Particularly intense, it is described as the most powerful of the entire Azzaro collection. Woody, spicy or amber, it never lacks audacity and is aimed at men who are not afraid of anything. If you like to attract all eyes to you, this perfume is for you! The Most Wanted is also very persistent. Even after several hours, its scent perfumes the air. Sensual at will, The Most Wanted is a concentrate of pure pleasure. It encourages people to live their life to the fullest every day. Much more than a simple perfume, it is the embodiment of an irresistible man. “Men admire it, women desire it”!

The Most Wanted, when an amber and spicy breath floats in the air

The Most Wanted is a particularly powerful fragrance. Infinitely intense, it immediately captures the attention and makes the pleasure last for many hours. With it, the energy is deployed from the first breath and it is felt in a refreshing and spicy cloud of cardamom. Camphorated and aromatic, this raw material does not go unnoticed and is quickly relayed by a more gourmet and milky heart. This is based in particular on a caramel accord. This ingredient only amplifies the addiction created by The Most Wanted. Finally, this recipe ends with one of the most powerful ingredients from the perfumer’s entire palette: amber woods. Excellent fixatives, they envelop the whole of an ultimate animal breath and slightly saline.

Azzaro’s new black bottle

From then on, all that remained was to find a bottle with this splendid perfume. The Most Wanted clearly marks its belonging to the Azzaro family, preserving the same form as its predecessors. A true object of desire, this glass case takes the form of a weapon of mass seduction. Its silhouette is inspired by the mechanics of a barrel. Geometric and round, this bottle is tinted for the very first time in a black color, evoking masculinity but also luxury and elegance. Here, different finishes intermingle, both matte and shiny. There is also a small cap in the shape of a poker chip on the set. The message is clear: whoever wears The Most Wanted fragrance never hesitates to coin his life!

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