BrandThe latest Rouge Blush Couleur Couture by Dior

The latest Rouge Blush Couleur Couture by Dior


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The latest Rouge Blush Couleur Couture by Dior
The latest Rouge Blush Couleur Couture by Dior

Rouge Blush Couleur Couture, perfectly made-up cheeks

Founded in 1947, the Dior house breathed new life into the post-war era, offering women a sense of freedom and beauty. Thanks to its avant-garde spirit, the Dior brand has joined forces with excellent partners to put the most cutting-edge scientific advances at the service of a single goal, that of offering very high-end beauty products, all respecting each other’s skin. Day after day, Dior Science pushes back the frontiers of innovation, with the help of its 260 researchers and its 3 research centers. Here, Dior presents its Rouge Blush Couleur Couture – Blush Poudre Longue.

Dior Rouge Blush Couleur Couture, a beauty gesture associated with Dior know-how

The word “Blush” has its origins in an English word, since in French, “Blush” means “blushing with emotions”. The action of putting red (or pink) on the cheeks in order to have a “healthy glow” aspect is a gesture that has existed since the end of the 16th century. Before the Middle Ages, makeup was seen as an evil vice, inevitably leading to debauchery. In France, the very first blushers were made from sulfur and mercury, which was obviously a disaster for the skin! The first cosmetic blush named “Cendres de rose” was created by the Bourjois brand in 1912.

Since then, technology has continued to evolve and to offer products in perfect interaction with our skin. Here, Dior science has developed Rouge Blush Couleur Couture – Long Lasting Powder Blush. The latter gives your cheeks an intense and ultra-pigmented color while ensuring them a long hold. Rouge Blush Couture’s shades are inspired by the iconic “Rouge Dior” lipstick. The intensity of its color is adjustable according to your desires, offering a soft or powerful finish. Its hold is also impeccable and your Rouge Blush Dior will not budge for at least 8 hours. Rouge Blush is available in 10 colors, either finished, mat, iridescent or even satin.

Tips for using Rouge Blush Couleur Couture Dior – Long-Lasting Powder Blush

Using the Blush brush N ° 16, it is advisable to apply your Rouge Blush Dior, from the top to the bottom of the cheekbone. Then degrade the material on the “smile bump”, in small circular movements. For a sculpting illuminating effect, you can also apply your Blush Rouge to the top of the cheekbone, then blend it towards the temples. Contained in a black lacquered Dior case, your Dior Blush and its brush can easily slip into your handbag.

A little make-up jewel, the Rouge Couleur Couture Blush by Dior is an essential element to have in your make-up. Thanks to a high-end formula, your Blush has a perfect hold and offers intense colors, like the colors of the famous Rouge Dior.

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