BrandGivenchyThe latest Givenchy novelty: L'Eau de Givenchy Rosée

The latest Givenchy novelty: L’Eau de Givenchy Rosée


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The latest Givenchy novelty: L'Eau de Givenchy Rosée
The latest Givenchy novelty: L’Eau de Givenchy Rosée

L’Eau de Givenchy Rosée, new edition of a great fragrance from Givenchy

Some perfumes are so famous that we never tire of rediscovering them. Thus, perfumery regularly sees the reappearance of old juices, slightly reinterpreted by the big luxury brands, forgotten for a while, but preparing to conquer a new generation. Eau de Givenchy was originally designed in 1980, a radical departure from other perfumes of its time. Then, after having been forgotten for several years, Givenchy decided to transform her, to bring her back to life in 2018. Today, a new facet of her personality is offered to us. Focus on the new Eau de Givenchy Rosée.

L’Eau de Givenchy Rosée, the third part of a Givenchy saga

The story of L’Eau de Givenchy Rosée began in 1980. At that time, Hubert de Givenchy expressed the wish to design a fragrance very different from the trends of his time. While perfumery was very focused on opulent and heady juices, he made “a fragrance that evokes gaiety, the joy of life and youth”. All in lightness and freshness, Eau de Givenchy then made its appearance. In 2018, the Givenchy house decided to totally reinvent its scent. While retaining its minimalist spirit, elegance and freshness, it gave it an extra touch of singularity. The 2018 Eau de Givenchy is modern, refreshing and stylish, like a summer breeze. Barely a year after its release, Eau de Givenchy Rosée is making its appearance,

L’Eau de Givenchy Rosée, a dive into the world of Hubert de Givenchy

In fact, the Eau de Givenchy collection is very personal and plunges us into the universe specific to Hubert de Givenchy. The whole of this saga is inspired by the south of France, and more precisely by Clos Fiorentina in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, place where the creator owns a Palladian country house. This is where he found his haven of peace in 1980. Here, through his perfumery, he makes us rediscover the scent of nature, that of terraced gardens bordered by the freshness of the sea waves.

L’Eau de Givenchy Rosée, a composition by François Demachy

Eau de Givenchy Rosée is the work of perfumer François Demachy, just like its previous version from 2018. Here, he has simply added an additional share of femininity and romanticism to his recipe. Eau de Givenchy Rosée sets off on a sensation of lightness and freshness, resulting from a duo of mandarin and osmanthus tea. The sweetness of apricot is then relayed by a more aquatic and feminine heart of rose, jasmine and water hyacinth. Little by little, Eau de Givenchy Rosée displays a more determined character, in particular by the addition of patchouli. White musk, for its part, preserves an exceptional sensation of purity, while amplifying the sensuality of the whole.
On the bottle side, Eau de Givenchy Rosée preserves the minimalism of its predecessor, while offering a new soft pink color.

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