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BrandThe individual man is unique ...

The individual man is unique …


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The individual man is unique ...
The individual man is unique …

Building on its first successes with the Presence men’s and women’s range, the very young Montblanc perfume house offers itself the services of Pierre Bourdon to create an inimitable masculine scent: Individual . Cut from a piece of steel like a luxury watch (which is no coincidence …) Individuel is a fresh fragrance that draws the portrait of a determined but tender man …

Montblanc individual: masculinity makes its indelible mark

The Montblanc house may be a very young perfume house, it carries with it the scents of its traditional know-how in luxury pens, leather goods and more recently watchmaking. With Présence, Montblanc asserted itself as a lover of original and luxurious perfumes intended, as one might legitimately think, for strong personalities who sign their life path with the nib of a chic Montblanc pen.

For Individuel, released in 2004, the path traced is even more straightforward: the individual man is a strong personality who does not need anyone to shape his own destiny. Moreover, the advertising of Individual is intended to be as refined and aesthetic as the bottle or the fragrance itself. It features a solitary man, elegantly dressed for an adventurer, who evolves in a landscape of steel blue sand matching the colors of the fragrance. The man of Individual wonders about the meaning of his life and finally ends up opening his eyes to a wonderful world.

“He is a man who is both original and traditional but who, beyond his wisdom, is distinguished by his determination. He is never satisfied with conformity, he chooses to excel which naturally brings him to fulfillment. »Montblanc for Individual.

Much more than a perfume, Individuel offers us a real quest for the absolute.

A fresh and original fern fragrance for a new Individual Man

The Individual perfume bottle is built around an architecture that strangely reminds us of the shape of a Montblanc watch : the curved glass would be the dial and the steel frame, surmounted by its stopper, its winder. As for the Individual juice, it is remarkably highlighted by a steel blue color that is both resolutely contemporary and very soft at the bottom.

The scented composition of Pierre Bourdon opens with very fresh aromatic notes of juniper, coriander and bergamot. Cinnamon brings to these powerful tonic notes, its warm and singular spicy sweetness. Then jasmine and violet open the heart of this Individual man while punctuating a touch of nervousness composed with geranium and lavender. The deep woody notes of sandalwood, tonka bean, patchouli and moss turn into sensual sweets to complement delicacy and powerful originality with a dark chocolate note.

“This perfume emphasizes the independence, the mystery and the romanticism of the Individual Man. Its solitary side accentuates its charm and personality. »Montblanc for Individual.

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