PerfumeChildren's PerfumeThe IKKS For a Kiss perfume

The IKKS For a Kiss perfume


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The IKKS For a Kiss perfume
The IKKS For a Kiss perfume

IKKS For a Kiss, the scent as fruity as a kiss

IKKS is a brand that was created in 1987 and which is characterized by its daring and creativity. At first, it was intended exclusively for children and offered them a line of trendy, urban and colorful clothes. Today, IKKS has further developed its range and has also launched into the creation of accessories and fragrances. Thus, IKKS now offers a complete look to all young aspiring teenagers. It is therefore precisely in this context that the IKKS For a Kiss fragrance fits. This time, the emphasis is on the sweetness and gluttony of young women.

The urban and current look of IKKS perfumes

Let’s start by studying the design of the IKKS For a Kiss perfume.. It is presented to us in a bottle identical to the entire collection of the brand. Thus, its silhouette rests on a solid base, and soars in the shape of a cylinder. IKKS For a Kiss brings together two powerful colors: red and silver. The red materializes femininity, ardor and passion. Nevertheless, it is also evocative of the forbidden. Thus, IKKS For a Kiss is aimed at all young women who are not afraid to emancipate themselves and give free rein to their desire for freedom. The silver color, on the other hand, evokes the modern and urban spirit of this perfume. Finally, a small label is tied at its collar. This is a nod to the couture spirit of the IKKS brand. Addressing teenage girls, IKKS For a Kiss plays the card of spontaneity. It nevertheless retains a glamorous side typical of femininity. IKKS For a Kiss is an assertive and fiery fragrance, which simply encourages you to live your life with ardor and generosity. It does not take half measures, and responds wonderfully to the increasingly strong demand for perfume from young people.

IKKS For a Kiss, a sparkling and feminine fragrance

IKKS For a Kiss is a composition similar to a moment of happiness. It is at the same time lively, intense and magical. It gives off a strong emotion that rises crescendo over the hours. However, its smell is never overwhelming, and always retains a certain freshness. Its liveliness begins with an association of citrus fruits dominated by orange and tangerine. Then, IKKS For a Kiss gradually becomes more greedy. His heart is like a love apple. Thus, IKKS For a Kiss takes us back to childhood memories and takes us directly into the middle of a fun fair. It thus invites spontaneity. Then, her femininity explodes in a bouquet of flowers highlighting the peony. The rose is also in the game. Lily of the valley reinforces the vegetal aspect of this perfume. Since then, IKKS For a Kiss becomes as clear as the morning dew. Finally, IKKS For a Kiss ends with a trail of white musk, cedar and applewood.

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