BrandChanelThe hero of Chanel bears the name of Antaeus

The hero of Chanel bears the name of Antaeus


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The hero of Chanel bears the name of Antaeus
The hero of Chanel bears the name of Antaeus

Chanel launched the Antaeus perfume in 1981, bearing the image of Antée, son of Poseidon beaten by Hercules. Also, this one fits perfectly in the air of its time because, at the time of its release, the love for mythology appears everywhere. Also, it adopts the image of an innovative perfume committed to a strong concept. Antaeus is a chypre fragrance and reinterprets masculine olfactory flavors by adding strength and virility.

Antaeus, the mythological universe

Antaeus is a fragrance that tells a story. In this case, it is that of a mythological hero. The latter is at the same time half-god, half-human. He has earthly tenderness coupled with divine strength. Also, there is a certain duality in his personality. Antaeus is a powerful man of action that the male sex dreams of embodying. However, it also symbolizes all the sensitivity that makes women fantasize. In short, he is a virile and extroverted seducer. He manages to harmonize power and delicacy and make them perfectly balanced. The man who wears Antaeus is sensitive to the world around him and likes people to admire his masterfully structured body. Indeed, behind his self-assured enthusiasm, Antaeus hides many subtleties and it is undoubtedly this whole mystery that makes him so captivating.

Chanel creates a perfume of contrasts

What is striking when one feels Antaeus for the first time is the duality of his character. Indeed, the perfume created by Jacques Polge offers a perfect balance between subtlety and brute force. The first olfactory nuances that compose it are mainly herbaceous. In particular, we find myrtle and clary sage, enhanced by Hautes-Alpes lavender. Then, the flowers are revealed little by little and then sublimate its elegance. Thus, the violet reveals its powdery facets while the iris is draped in a rose absolute. The background is warmer. Patchouli and labdanum take over again and are amplified by the woody scent of Haitian vetiver and Mysore sandalwood.

What is more, the whole is elegantly linked by the tonka bean bringing subtly honeyed scents. Overall, the Antaeus fragrance imposes itself without detours in the strength of a leathery structure. Its bottle is, for its part, faithful to the Chanel tradition. It displays clean lines and a square structure. Its black color is very intense and perfectly symbolizes the strength of this hero imagined by Chanel. However, the light purplish reflections express its share of sensitivity.

Do you think you already know everything about the “legend” perfume N ° 5 ?

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