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PerfumeThe "Grand Musée du Parfum" arrives in Paris

The “Grand Musée du Parfum” arrives in Paris


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The "Grand Musée du Parfum" arrives in Paris
The “Grand Musée du Parfum” arrives in Paris

Perfume is a fascinating art that has had the power to exert irresistible appeal since ancient times. He has a mysterious side associated with an irresistible tempting gift. Also, the biggest luxury houses have now appropriated its power and all the biggest Haute Couture fashion shows are now associated with prestigious fragrances.

However, and although France is a pioneer in terms of perfumery, no independent museum has hitherto been devoted to this sector of activity in the heart of the capital. However, this will be done very soon thanks to the opening of the Grand Musée du Perfume, of its official name, which will open its doors on rue du faubourg Saint-Honoré, in the eighth arrondissement of Paris, from the end of 2016.

A major project

Perfume is part of the DNA of French history and conveys the image of our country throughout the planet. It is an essential sector of activity of the largest luxury houses, vector of a large part of our national economy. Also, it is quite logical that an institution should be established in his honor in the heart of our capital. This is how the decision to open the Grand Musée du Parfum de Paris was born. This was financed by private funds, with the support of the French perfume union, bringing together 66 French perfume houses.

Unlike the Fragonard museum already located in the capital, this one will not depend on any particular brand, which will ensure its impartiality in terms of information given to visitors. The Grand Musée du Parfum de Paris will be chaired by businessman Guillaume de Maussion. Likewise, all its development was based on the precious scientific and cultural advice from the greatest professionals in the field such as Jean-Claude Ellena, former nose of the Hermès house, Sylvaine Delacourte, director of the development of Guerlain perfumes or even Patricia de Nicolaï. , founder of the eponymous house and president of the world perfume conservatory of Versailles.

What awaits you at the Grand Perfume Museum

The Grand Musée du Parfum will be located at 73, rue du faubourg Saint-Honoré , in the eighth arrondissement of Paris. This address is that of a private mansion that once housed Christian Lacroix’s fashion house. This new Parisian institution will cover 1400 m² and will offer visitors an initiatory route. It will then be a question of discovering the history of perfume, from Ancient Egypt to the present day, using the latest technologies.

Likewise, visitors will be invited to discover a unique olfactory collection made up of more than 60 smells to be discovered throughout their journey. Thus, the Grand Musée du Parfum already promises to seduce the youngest visitors as well as the greatest, whether you are an initiated consumer of perfumes or a simple walker in search of new discoveries.

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