BrandGivenchyThe Givenchy Gentlemen Only Absolute bottle

The Givenchy Gentlemen Only Absolute bottle


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The Givenchy Gentlemen Only Absolute bottle
The Givenchy Gentlemen Only Absolute bottle

Gentlemen Only Absolute and its bottle designed like a Givenchy suit

The history of Givenchy’s Gentleman perfumes began in 1975. Indeed, it was on this date that the brand revolutionized the world of men’s perfumery. In addition, at that time, men wore only very fresh and light perfumes, almost similar to Eaux de Cologne. Also, Gentleman appeared to be surprisingly intense. However, its success was immediate and the longevity of this collection has never wavered. Thus, Givenchy perfumes have become the perfect complement to a refined outfit. This is why the house has this time chosen to develop a bottle in the image of an outfit worn by gentlemen around the world …

The image of the Givenchy man

If we asked a large panel of people to describe an outfit from Givenchy, it’s a safe bet that they would tell us about an elegant man wearing a suit. Indeed, Givenchy is a brand that delights in sublimating the male gender with unparalleled refinement. Moreover, this is also reflected in each of its advertisements. It has been several years since Givenchy set his sights on the handsome Simon Baker as a muse. This one embodies the perfect image of the English gentleman. It has many assets to melt the hearts of women, whether it is a confident walk, a devastating smile or a perfectly fitted jacket. Also, it is precisely this image that is offered to us with the creation of the very last bottle of Gentlemen Only Absolute.. Much more than a simple bottle, this one contains in itself all the philosophy of Givenchy.

The sober and modern bottle of Gentlemen Only Absolute

With Givenchy, there is no question of doing too much. The brand is characterized by a fairly simple but still very refined style. Givenchy never encumbers itself with superfluous details. Nevertheless, each of her outfits appears to be very harmonious. Also, this is precisely what we find in the bottle of Gentlemen Only Absolute. This has a clean design and is fully covered with a very elegant matte black lacquer. After all, this color is arguably the most iconic of the house’s costumes. What’s more, the name of Gentlemen Only Absolute is carefully inscribed in its center on a burgundy red label. This is then surrounded by white dotted lines similar to seam topstitching. The whole thing appears to be similar to an interior label of a garment. So,

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