BrandGivenchyThe Givenchy Gentleman perfume version 2017

The Givenchy Gentleman perfume version 2017


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The Givenchy Gentleman perfume version 2017
The Givenchy Gentleman perfume version 2017

The iconic Gentleman de Givenchy is getting a makeover!

Some perfumes are considered to be great classics that we no longer present. They are best-sellers in perfumery that have been shining for several decades now. Yes, but here it is, in order to attract the new generation of customers, the millennials, despite everything, they have to reinvent themselves and modernize themselves.

This is why, in recent years, perfumers have been adapting the great classics of perfumery and bringing them up to date. Givenchy has not escaped the trend, and this is how a new version of its iconic Gentleman was born.

The history of Givenchy’s Gentleman perfume

Until the 1970s, men tended to turn to very fresh and somewhat timid perfumes. Yet this decade literally transformed men’s perfumery. The 1970s were rich in chypre and leathery compositions.

However, the Gentleman perfume from 1974 is fully in line with this new trend. This one did not fail to surprise when it was released, given its composition clearly dominated by patchouli. Indeed, in its initial version, patchouli represents nearly 60% of its recipe. You will understand, Gentleman was a juice belonging to the oriental family, today having a little retro side that fits him like a glove. Gentleman is in a way the scent of an urban and social dandy.

Gentleman’s new Givenchy fragrance 2017

In its new version, Gentleman is aimed at a new generation of men. Thus, he has undergone a real metamorphosis and has not skimped on the means to undergo his transformation. The perfumers Olivier Cresp and Nathalie Lorson were responsible for reinterpreting this great classic of perfumery. Together, they have chosen to orient themselves towards a mixture of “power and softness”.

Gentleman is a floral and woody fragrance that is inspired by an iconic fern of men’s perfumery. Its start is both fresh and fruity. It combines pineapple, pear and cardamom. Lavender, a typical fern ingredient, is revealed in its heart. It brings here a very Mediterranean facet and goes with a noble iris as well as a more floral and peppery geranium. Finally, Gentleman gradually becomes more mysterious, seductive and manly. It ends with a trio of patchouli, leather and black vanilla.

Gentleman Givenchy played by actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson

From then on, all that was missing was a face to embody this new essence . Gentleman will therefore be represented by American actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, pictured in an advertising campaign entirely produced by his wife, Sam Taylor-Johnson. After being greeted by a Golden Globes in Tom Ford‘s latest film, everything seems to smile on this beautiful dark brunette!

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