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BrandThe Fix Make Up by Clarins; the last step...

The Fix Make Up by Clarins; the last step of your makeup ritual


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The Fix Make Up by Clarins;  the last step of your makeup ritual
The Fix Make Up by Clarins; the last step of your makeup ritual

Clarins Fix Make Up, the secret to long-lasting makeup

The Clarins house is recognized as one of the best brands in the world in terms of skincare and cosmetics. Indeed, over the decades, it continues to develop its research and perfect its existing products. Clarins can boast of having revolutionized the world of beauty by providing some very innovative products. Thus, she is not left out when it comes to makeup. Today, she offers to fix your makeup in a still uncommon way. Fix Make Up is not a loose powder but a cool mist that will increase the adhesion of your makeup throughout the day.

The fixing function of Fix Make Up by Clarins

The Fix Make Up is an aerial mist that has more than one trick up its sleeve. On the one hand, it is very appreciable in summer because it is particularly refreshing. It brings a part of comfort and liveliness to everyday life and allows you to immediately feel fresher. At the same time, Fix Make Up is also used to fix makeup. Again, this is an ideal product in summer. Indeed, when the beautiful days arrive and the temperatures rise, the skin tends to sweat and produce more sebum. This runs off the makeup and reduces its adhesion. This is precisely where the Fix Make Up comes in . So you will look fresh and beautiful all day long, as if you have just stepped out of the bathroom.

The treatments contained in the Fix Make Up

At the same time, the Fix Make Up benefits from all of Clarins’ skincare expertise. This product is enriched with many natural active ingredients which sublimate the epidermis day after day. The Fix Make Up is notably enriched with aloe vera and allantoin. These two products moisturize and soothe the skin. Thus, the Fix Make Up is intended more specifically for people with sensitive skin. Grapefruit extract increases its feeling of freshness. Its organic rose floral water provides continuous well-being. What’s more, all of these ingredients deliver an absolutely intoxicating scent.

Our advice for use

The Fix Make Up is the last step in your makeup ritual. Thus, it applies when you have already put your foundation, your blocking, your blush, your lipstick, your mascara,… To use it, nothing could be simpler! You just need to spray it directly on the face, placing yourself about twenty centimeters from the latter. Better to close your eyes even if it is a non-irritant product. What’s more, you will more effectively fix the makeup on your eyelids. The misting of Fix Make Up is of absolute finesse. This product is applied to make-up without wetting it, but while giving a dose of hydration to the skin.

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