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The favorite perfumes of the stars


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The favorite perfumes of the stars
The favorite perfumes of the stars

What perfume do the stars wear?

The stars are special people who have the art of making us dream. Whether it’s with their dazzling outfits, dreamy hairstyles, slender figure or scent, celebrities leave nothing to chance. After all, being at the top in all circumstances is part of their job… But then, if there was only one perfume to symbolize the image of the stars, which would it be? We have decided to set our sights on Chanel N ° 5. This unusual fragrance is associated with one of the biggest celebrities on the planet: Marilyn Monroe. What’s more, this exceptional woman unknowingly propelled this perfume to the fore forever, on August 7, 1952, thanks to this simple sentence “Marilyn, what do you wear to bed? I only wear Chanel N ° 5 ”(understand“ Marilyn, what are you wearing to sleep?I only wear Chanel N ° 5 ”).

The perfumes worn by male stars

Besides this perfume, what are the essences that celebrities wear nowadays? For once, let’s start with the men… Aston Kutcher swears by Arpège pour Homme by Lanvin. Contrary to what one might think, Johnny Depp does not wear the Sauvage perfume by Dior but rather Zino by Davidoff. Like him, Russell Crowe turns to Davidoff but for his Cool Water scent while Leonardo diCaprio and Tom Cruise prefer Eau d’Hadrien by Annick Goutal. Nevertheless, the favorite brand of male celebrities remains Creed, already adopted by Georges Clooney, Ozzy Osbourne, Richard Gere, Robbie Williams, Robert Redford, Tom Hanks or even Hugh Grant.

The perfume that Justin Bieber wears

Justin Biber is a real killer, hero of the midinettes! He knows how to charm girls and does not hesitate to play with his charms. However, whether in perfumery or in love, Justin Bieber seems to have trouble getting attached! He likes to change scent regularly. On the other hand, did you know that he makes his own fragrances? The Key perfume has also been widely talked about. Inspired by the singer’s love for fashion and technology, it has a very modern packaging and gives off a floral, luminous and creamy scent.

The perfumes worn by female stars

And on the women’s side? Do you know what are the perfumes of your favorite stars? Some of them play the infidels. This is particularly the case of Kate Moss who regularly changes her smells. She has already claimed to have worn CK One by Calvin Klein , N ° 5 by Chanel, Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel, Colonia by Acqua Di Parma or Dirt by Demeter, to name but a few. Marion Cotillard prefers vintage fragrances such as Jolie Madame by Balmain, Après l’Ondée by Guerlain or Fracas by Robert Piguet. Monica Bellucci plays in the timeless with Shalimar by Guerlain. Vanessa Paradis prefers the freshness of L’Eau Ambré from l’Artisan Parfumeur. Finally, Alexandra Lamy is simply addicted to Giorgio by Giorgio Beverly Hills .

The perfume that Jenifer wears

Singer Jenifer confides wearing Annick Goutal’s Petite Chérie perfume and being faithful to it for years. This fragrance is a tribute from the designer to her daughter, Camille. It was made in 1998 and conveys a scent that is both gourmet and flowery. This innocent and seductive perfume portrays us the portrait of a young girl that we want to kiss. It is a “pretty vision of a mother for her child, baptized with the nickname she gave him”. Go find out if that’s what moved Jenifer, anyway, she doesn’t seem to want to change it in the least!

The perfume that Kim Kardashian wears

Kim Kardashian, meanwhile, turns to Chloe Roses instead . Contrary to what one might think, it therefore does not play in the register of extravagance and is rather oriented towards a romantic perfumery. This perfume has a fresh and delicate smell. It is a floral and woody essence, a real invitation to tenderness leaving an incredible freshness on the skin. This fragrance leaves the body with a scented breath of rose, like a freshly picked bouquet.

The perfume that Rihanna wears

A l’inverse des deux stars précédentes, Rihanna n’est pas des plus fidèles. Elle affirme changer régulièrement de parfum et conçoit d’ailleurs ses propres fragrances. Elle en est déjà à quatre créations personnelles nommées Reb’l fleur, Rebelle Nude et Rogue. Chacune d’entre elles a remporté un franc succès. D’ailleurs, son deuxième parfum Rebelle a obtenu le prix du parfum qui s’est vendu le plus rapidement en Angleterre. En à peine sept mois sept mois, plus de 2 millions de bouteilles ont été écoulées ! Rogue, quant à lui, joue moins dans le registre de la féminité. Il s’agit d’un parfum unisexe.

Le parfum que porte Selena Gómez

Enfin, Selena Gómez a jeté son dévolu sur deux parfums différents. Le premier se nomme Frilly Lily. « C’est une nouvelle ligne que j’ai découverte lors d’une soirée et j’en suis tombée amoureuse », confie la jeune femme. Il s’agit d’un jus léger, fruité et sucré. L’autre est signé Marc Jacobs. Il se nomme Daisy Eau So Fresh et est la nouvelle réinterprétation de l’un des grands classiques du créateur. Ce jus est à la fois frais et fruité sans pour autant manquer de gourmandise et de séduction.

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