MakeupEye MakeupThe eyebrow pencil signed Yves Saint-Laurent

The eyebrow pencil signed Yves Saint-Laurent


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The eyebrow pencil signed Yves Saint-Laurent
The eyebrow pencil signed Yves Saint-Laurent

Yves Saint-Laurent Eyebrow Pencil, the final touch of your makeup

Remember: in the 90s, the fashion was for heavily plucked eyebrows. Some women didn’t even leave any hair on the top of their eyes anymore and were content with just a pencil line. Today, the trend has changed considerably. Rest assured, the idea is not to leave your eyebrows bushy! The latter must still be waxed but much more provided than before. The idea is to draw your brow bone with precision and clarity to structure your entire face. From then on, the Eyebrow Pencil becomes an essential tool to perfect your natural beauty.

Yves Saint-Laurent Eyebrow Pencil

The Yves Saint-Laurent Eyebrow Pencil is a very ergonomic product, equipped with two tips. On the one hand, of course, it comes in the form of a pencil. With a precise lead with a creamy texture, it is available in four colors. Thus, it comes as close as possible to the natural color of your hair. Its melting texture glides on the skin and does not irritate the epidermis. On the other side, Yves Saint-Laurent’s Eyebrow Pencil contains a little brush. Its brush is used to style the eyebrow and to blend the powder.

How to properly apply Yves Saint-Laurent Eyebrow Pencil

For a successful application, it is necessary to pluck your eyebrows correctly. Once this hair removal is done, start by styling them with the small bottle brush. Brush your eyebrows up and out of your face. Then, using the Eyebrow Pencil, draw small hatches on the inside of your eyebrows. Fill in any irregularities and small holes. Finally, for a more natural result, brush your eyebrow again with the brush. This will blur the pencil and distribute it more evenly.

The importance of proper eyebrow makeup

If it is essential to properly make up your eyebrows, it is because it is a very strong point of expression on the face. Without eyebrows, your face looks empty… Eyebrows are a great way to bring out your personality. Have you ever noticed how they could pull themselves together to express your displeasure or lift themselves up to express your surprise? However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have correctly drawn eyebrows in a natural way. People with fair hair often have sparse eyebrows. Brunettes, on the other hand, can’t afford to make small hair removal mistakes. This is immediately noticeable. This is precisely where Yves Saint-Laurent’s Eyebrow Pencil comes in.. It structures the eyebrow and erases all the small natural defects. Without being noticed, it structures the look and simply perfects your beauty. The idea is absolutely not to transform your existing eyebrows but rather to fill them and hide the small irregularities. The role of the Eyebrow Pencil is to sublimate your face without ever hinting at its presence.

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