BrandThe Exclusive Guerlain Precious Light this Christmas

The Exclusive Guerlain Precious Light this Christmas


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The Exclusive Guerlain Precious Light this Christmas
The Exclusive Guerlain Precious Light this Christmas

Precious Light Rejuvenating Highlighter, Guerlain’s healthy glow ally

For some, wanting to stay young is a real obsession. Also, to keep the radiance of a skin in good shape, it first requires a healthy lifestyle. Indeed, the fact of practicing a regular sporting activity, drinking a lot of water and eating healthy are all elements that help keep your complexion as fresh as when you were 20 years old. Nevertheless, some brands are also there to help us look as radiant as ever, despite the passing years. Some products are real allies for good looks and correct all our little faults in a snap of a second. This is particularly the case of the new Precious Light Rejuvenating Highlighter .

One of the flagship products of the new Make Up Holiday 2016 collection from Guerlain

In fact, the Precious Light Rejuvenating Highlighter is part of a make-up range which will be launched at the end of 2016. For the first time, Guerlain has created a complete collection of make-up in collaboration with Natalia Vodianova. The latter is a Russian model with worldwide fame. Today she is one of the best paid models in the world and as such has some experience in beauty. Also, it is a little of her knowledge that she has integrated into each of the products from the Make Up collection at the end of the year.. Of course, this entire range has been developed under the leadership of Olivier Echaudemaison, Creative Director of Guerlain. Both imagined an assemblage of make-up paying homage to the Orient, a region of the globe dear to the Guerlain house. Indeed, Jacques Guerlain was passionate about India and it is this country that once inspired him to create the iconic Shalimar. What’s more, Natalia Vodianova herself was the face of this fragrance for eight years. Paying tribute to the latter was therefore particularly close to his heart. This is how the Precious Light Rejuvenating Highlighter was born.

The many advantages of Precious Light Rejuvenating Highlighter

The Precious Light Rejuvenating Highlighter is a small miracle product in the form of a brush to take everywhere with you. It aims to awaken the youth and radiance of your complexion while erasing small imperfections such as signs of fatigue or fine lines. Like a pocket-size foundation, it is based on a formula containing luxurious Eclat d’Or Pigments and is based on the Precious Rejuvenating Complex specific to Guerlain. Thus, thanks to him, it is a little as if your skin found a second youth. It also allows you to play with light and redraw the contours of your face. Shadows are thus illuminated, irregularities are smoothed out and imperfections are camouflaged. Likewise, when applied to the eye area, The Precious Light Rejuvenating Highlighter helps give you a brighter, more rested look. It comes in four shades and delivers the right amount of makeup needed to avoid overload. From now on, putting on make-up and staying young becomes child’s play!

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