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The different Yves Saint Laurent eyebrow pencils


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Before being a fashion designer, Yves Saint-Laurent is above all a complex and daring character. Her unique personality resurfaces in each of her creations, whether in the world of couture, cosmetics or makeup. Whatever the articles proposed by Yves Saint-Laurent , they draw their strength from the bias they express. Like the entire range of the brand, Yves Saint-Laurent eyebrow pencils evoke character, emotion, style and timelessness.

The Eyebrow Drawing Pencil

The Eyebrow Drawing Pencil
The Eyebrow Drawing Pencil

The Function of the Eyebrow Drawing Pencil

The Eyebrow Drawing Pencil is intended for all women who have naturally thin eyebrows. Indeed, the trend is now more towards thick eyebrows which bring depth and character to the eyes. The Eyebrow Drawing Pencil is also used to hide all small hair removal defects and to create a perfectly harmonious eyebrow line.

The double applicator of the Eyebrow Drawing Pencil

Yves Saint-Laurent’s Eyebrow Drawing Pencil is embellished with two different tips. On the one hand, it takes the form of a classic pencil. Available in several colors, it adapts to all women. The latter deposits the right amount of product in your eyebrows. The other tip of the Eyebrow Drawing Pencil, meanwhile, takes the form of a small brush. The latter disciplines the hair and blurs the material at the heart of your eyebrows. The result then becomes all the more natural.

Couture Eye Brow

Couture Eye Brow
Couture Eye Brow

Couture Eye Brow, a mascara for the eyebrows

If eyebrow pencils are very popular, a novelty was born only a few years ago: eyebrow mascara. Now, this one is in all bathrooms, and for good reason … Its gel formula displays remarkable hold. Its color blends in perfectly with the eyes. Immediately, the eyebrows become fuller and bring more character to your face.

The remarkable hold of the Couture Eye Brow

The Couture Eye Brow stands out from other products in its category by its exceptional hold. Indeed, it gives intensity to the eyebrows for 24 hours. Composed of gelling fixers and semi-opaque pigments, it provides a 3D effect and lustrous to the eyes. Immediately, the volume of your eyebrows looks perfectly natural. What’s more, the Couture Eye Brow preserves all your comfort.

Yves Saint-Laurent was both shy but daring, endowed with an enigmatic gaze that fascinated more than one. Today, all of his know-how can be found in the brand’s eyebrow pencils. These give more intensity and depth to your gaze. They reveal what is one of your greatest assets, one of the best reflections of your personality. The c -ray eyebrows Yves Saint Laurent assert the indomitable spirit of women without having to display it. They give your face more charisma, uniqueness and elegance.

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