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Paco RabanneThe Different Perfumes Invictus Paco Rabanne

The Different Perfumes Invictus Paco Rabanne


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Contemporary and unique, Paco Rabanne creations never go unnoticed. With his dresses in heterogeneous materials, the Spanish couturier has aroused everyone’s imagination. Its first fragrance is intended for women, even if it is called Calandre. However, it was not until 1973 with the perfume Paco Rabanne pour Homme for the brand to really enter the world of perfumery. Among his greatest olfactory successes, we note Olympéa, XS, Pure XS, Ultraviolet, Lady Million, 1 Million. Directly inspired by Greek mythology, Invictus is the male counterpart of Olympéa and was born in 2013.

The Paco Rabanne perfume house has always been able to seduce us with original and original scent accords but also with advertising campaigns that stand out strongly from the others. Thus the rocker Black XS gave the house in 2007 an even more modern and quirky image by playing on our wildest dreams to make them incredible scented heroes. On the same principle, the billionaire One Million a bit rebellious made us smile with a snap of the fingers that has become legendary.

Invictus, the hero of modern times

Invictus, the hero of modern times
Invictus, the hero of modern times

The powerful and virile tones of Invictus Paco Rabanne

First of all, you should know that the term “Invictus” means “undefeated”. This sets the tone, and we immediately imagine that Paco Rabanne’s Invictus fragrance will be made of strength and power. Halfway between mythology and reality, “Invictus” reveals an inaccessible fantasy. Invictus is the scent of modern-day heroes, and symbolizes man in all his power. The Invictus man is bursting with energy and exudes an extraordinary sensuality.

The 45-second commercial is an allegory of his victory. We see the journey of a champion, represented by rugby player Nick Youngquest in the euphoria of victory, from the entrance to the stadium to the locker room. As for the composition, it will take off on the freshness of grapefruit, associated with marine notes. The heart combines laurel flowers and guaiac wood. Finally, the base is imagined from a woody amber accord with the presence of ambergris and patchouli.


Invictus Legend, the scent of the champion

Invictus Legend, the scent of the champion
Invictus Legend, the scent of the champion

Invictus Legend and its new all-fire advertising campaign alongside its beautiful Olympéa Legend

The ancient hero Invictus arrived on our screens to take us in 2013 among the gods of the stadium with an iconic ambassador of the world of sport Nick Youngquest. For Invictus Legend , the Greek hero will take us this time to a new world where tank races take place in a steampunk universe between machines from the future and battleships from the past. Roaring, it is of course the hero Invictus Legend who wins in a wave of the hand and his beautiful Olympéa Legend will soon join him for a crazy ride in love in the desert.

“Heroes come and go, but myths are ETERNAL. »Paco Rabanne for Invictus Legend and Olympéa Legend.

Even more striking warm and cold contrasts for a terribly virile Invictus Legend

Without a doubt, the invictus legendary virile universe and burning heat of Invictus Legend will be found in its bottle which for this new chapter is tinted with intense dark blue colors. For Invictus Legend, Anne Flipo sought to preserve the warm and cold contrasts of Invictus while densifying them with new olfactory notes.

Thus, it is the aromatic notes which open the ball of the scents of this powerful Invictus Legend thanks to the famous laurel wreath symbol of victory. To add freshness to this departure, Invictus Legend is adorned with a green and ultra dynamic note of geranium which replaces the original citrus accord. Then with the heart of honey, Invictus Legend warms up with a power that is as greedy as it is delicately animal. Finally, the absolute virility of the Invictus Legend man will take on its full extent in the depths of guaiac wood, red amber and new symbolic scented mead in reference to the favorite drink of the gods of Olympus.


Invictus Intense, victory at your fingertips

Invictus Intense, victory at your fingertips
Invictus Intense, victory at your fingertips

Inordinate virility with Invictus Intense

Fin 2016, Paco Rabanne présente une nouvelle déclinaison avec Invictus Intense, là où le héros se fait plus viril que jamais. Plus triomphant que jamais, Invictus Intense est un parfum d’une intensité inédite, le parfum d’un héros au sommet de sa gloire. L’homme invincible est de retour pour le plus grand bonheur de ces dames. Invictus Intense est un parfum boisé-ambré puissant où deux forces contraires s’attirent. Invictus Intense débute par la luminosité de la fleur d’oranger. Celle-ci s’associe merveilleusement bien avec l’aspect épicé du poivre noir.

Le cœur aromatique se charge de fleur de laurier associé à la crème de whisky. Enfin le fond est aussi sensuel que viril grâce à la présence de l’ambre gris et de l’ambre noir salé. Quant au flacon, il reprend les codes principaux de ses ainés et l’on retrouve tout naturellement l’emblématique trophée de la victoire. La couleur est ici plus intense grâce au verre laqué de la coupe, qui se pare d’un dégradé de gris. Le capot en métal offre, quant à lui, des tonalités plus fortes et plus viriles.


Invictus Aqua, une version plus aquatique du héros de Paco Rabanne

Invictus Aqua, a more aquatic version of Paco Rabanne's hero
Invictus Aqua, une version plus aquatique du héros de Paco Rabanne

La nouvelle fraicheur d’Invictus Aqua

En 2018, Paco Rabanne présente une déclinaison beaucoup plus fraiche de son héros des temps modernes avec Invictus Aqua. Ce dernier surfe sur la vague bleue de l’athlète, toujours aussi charismatique. En effet, l’ancien rugby Man Nick Youngquest, prête une nouvelle fois son image, et ce depuis sa première sortie en 2013. Avec son regard ravageur et son corps parfaitement sculpté, Nick Youngquest est la représentation parfaite du héros grec, un héros qui ne manque pas de séduire les femmes, tant il dégage un charisme naturel. La composition débute par la fraicheur du pamplemousse, de yuzu, de menthe et de thym. Son cœur conjugue l’ananas à des tonalités marines. Enfin, le fond se veut ultra sensuel avec la présence des bois ambrés et de l’ambre gris. Toujours semblable à celui de ses prédécesseurs, le flacon d’Invictus Aqua arbore ici une couleur bleue glacée rappelant alors la fraicheur de la composition.


Invictus est sans conteste le héros grec des temps modernes. Avec Olympéa, il forme un couple mythique inspiré directement de la mythologie grecque. Entre puissance et séduction, l’homme Invictus ne laisse personne indifférent. Ses déclinaisons nous transportent toutes au cœur d’une victoire dont seul, Invictus, connait les secrets…

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