PerfumeThe Different Perfumes Eau Serge Lutens

The Different Perfumes Eau Serge Lutens


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After collaborating on the cover of Vogue magazine in 1962, Serge Lutens stood out and entered the world of fashion through the front door. In 1980, the Shisheido group called on Serge Lutens to create its new make-up range. His first fragrance, Nombre Noir, will be followed by many great olfactory successes such as the Iron Virgin, the Worm’s Wool, A la Nuit, the Fille de Berlin, Serge Noire or l’Eau. Released in 2010, the Eau fragrance is as atypical as its creator and aims to be very luminous.

L’Eau, the anti-perfume by Serge Lutens


L'Eau, the anti-perfume by Serge Lutens
L’Eau, the anti-perfume by Serge Lutens

The luminous tones of Serge Lutens Water

With Eau released in 2010, we can say that Serge Lutens had fun upending the codes of perfumery. Anti-perfume par excellence, Eau de serge Lutensse defines it as a pure, oxygenated and luminous fragrance. According to Serge Lutens, if L’Eau were an object, it would probably be Marseille soap, but he adds, sarcastically, “Yes, but the most expensive soap in the world! »… If Serge Lutens does not lack humor, he remains evasive as to the exact composition of his perfume.

The composition of Eau soars on notes of aquatic, citrus and aldehyde notes. Then, the heart combines clary sage associated with floral tones and paraffin. Finally, the base associates the presence of oxygen, soapy notes and white musks. Slender and elongated, the bottle is topped with a silver-plated ball.


L’Eau de Paille, the 4th part of the Eau collection


L'Eau de Paille, the 4th part of the Eau collection
L’Eau de Paille, the 4th part of the Eau collection

A unisex fragrance, Eau de Paille Serge Lutens

Here, the joy of the harvest is to the smell, and Serge Lutens affirms “In addition to the twigs of straw intertwined in the hair of this man, I retained the color: he was blond. This is what I put in this essence. Eau de Paille is dry water for those who don’t like to get wet ”.

Fresh, natural, even aquatic, Eau de Paille highlights nature and delivers the scent of a wheat field on a beautiful summer morning. The composition begins with the tone of vetiver. His heart is then gorged with hay, while the bottom of the composition contains incense. The bottle is always slender and uncluttered. Ultra elegant, it gives a glimpse of the perfect transparency of its composition.


Cold water or the smell of clean laundry


 Cold water or the smell of clean laundry
Cold water or the smell of clean laundry

The pure tones of Cold Water

Like the first fragrance, L’Eau, L’Eau Froide , released in 2012, is characterized as an anti-fragrance. Invigorating and fresh, L’Eau Froide echoes the scent of clean linen. Truly enigmatic, L’Eau Froide is really seductive. Serge Lutens defines his new fragrance as “frosty, very cold, crystalline, clear, oxygenated, tenacious and clean”. Both hot and cold, L’Eau Froide plays wonderfully on contrasts.

You might think that L’Eau Froide is a fresh fragrance, but it is not since it is built around incense. Cold Water begins with the contrast of fresh and peppery notes. The heart combines fresh frankincense with eucalyptus, bay leaf and olibanum. Then, the base will combine white musks and vetiver.



Laine de Verre, the meeting of opposites


Laine de Verre, the meeting of opposites
Laine de Verre, the meeting of opposites

The metallic notes of Glass Wool

Released in 2014, Laine de Verre is the third part of the Eau collection. Unconventional and avant-garde, Serge Lutens amazes once again with Laine de Verre, a fragrance with an astonishing name that defines itself as water with metallic accents. Laine de Verre symbolizes the meeting between two opposites. Half angel, half demon, the fragrance offers almost new emotions. Indeed, the glass, beautiful and transparent, but brittle is indeed opposed here, to the wool which is knitted and which can scratch.

Par ailleurs, on sait que la laine de verre est un isolant et on rencontre alors une fragrance qui ne ressemble à aucune autre. Cette dernière s’envole sur la fraicheur des aldéhydes, associée à la menthe. Puis, le cœur se charge de notes métalliques. Enfin, le fond conjugue les muscs et le cashméran. Toujours très graphique, le flacon reprend les principaux codes de ses prédécesseurs en affichant une élégance folle.


Parmi tous les somptueux parfums de Serge Lutens, l’Eau est une collection dont les fragrances se définissent comme des anti-parfums. À la fois originales et inédites, les parfums de la collection l’Eau racontent une histoire, un instant, un lieu précis. Entre émotion et étonnement, la collection l’Eau rassemble des fragrances inédites à souhait.

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