Paco RabanneThe different Olympéa Paco Rabanne fragrances

The different Olympéa Paco Rabanne fragrances


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Calandre is the first perfume of the Spanish designer Paco Rabanne, and was born in 1969. It will nevertheless be his second perfume, Paco Rabanne pour Homme, released in 1971, which will make him known to the world of perfumery. Refined and innovative, all Paco Rabanne perfumes tell a story of their own. Paco Rabanne also likes to imagine olfactory duos such as 1 Million and Lady Million, Black XS, or even Olympéa and Invictus. An emblematic figure of mythology, Olympéa symbolizes the Cleopatra of modern times.

Olympéa, at the heart of Greek mythology

Olympéa, at the heart of Greek mythology
Olympéa, at the heart of Greek mythology

Between notes of salty vanilla and floral tones, Olympéa

If Olympea comes from Greek mythology, it corresponds perfectly to our modern-day Cleopatra. Olympéa revisits the codes of mythology while being feminine and sensual. Half-woman, half-goddess, Olympéa   pushes sensuality to its peak. You should know that Mount Olympus was the largest mountain in Greece, and the Gods met there to discuss and meet. This is why the Olympéa woman is almost divine and far exceeds the average person. Its composition takes off on the freshness of green mandarin.

The heart contains floral and aquatic essences with the presence of water jasmine and ginger flower. Finally, the base is very sensual and combines vanilla, patchouli, amber and sandalwood. Perfect harmony between ancient codes and contemporary codes, the bottle exudes sensuality. Pale pink in color, it is surrounded by metallic bay leaves in a rosy gold color.

Olympea Legend, the 2019 novelty

Olympéa Legend new fragrance 2019
Olympéa Legend new fragrance 2019

When salted vanilla blossoms with the desert with Olympéa Legend

When the Paco Rabanne house created Olympéa in 2015, it was above all a question for the three talented perfumers who created it to imagine a new sensuality full of contrasts and far from the usual delicacies of female perfumery.

And this is how the goddess Olympéa will play with fruity and citrus freshness to reveal a heart of sunny and opulent flowers that will bloom in an irresistible iodine and vanilla note, which moreover, carried by enveloping depths of cashmeran and hazelnut.

Subsequently, the pretty Olympéa will take pleasure in taking different forms, for example with this Olympéa Aqua from 2018 which made us dream with intense freshness and a velvety and bewitching peach note. In 2019, Olympéa will not offer us the freshness this time, on the contrary it will take us into the desert to show us its hottest facets with Olympéa Legend .

Olympéa Legend will nevertheless retain the famous legendary salted vanilla accord of the range, but will play with heat to seduce us even more.

Olympéa Legend the floral solar sensuality of candied vanilla

For Olympéa Legend, the bottle designed by Marc-Aurèle was adorned with new colors taking us from a dazzling pink to a darker, dense and mysterious pink. This darker color than the previous opus is indeed very representative of the new composition developed by the perfumer Anne Flipo who preferred to highlight for this Olympéa Legend vanilla under its most sensual forces.

Thus it is an unprecedented palm blossom, a rare flower growing in the desert, which opens Olympéa Legend instead of the citrus notes to which we were accustomed for Olympéa. A ginger flower counterbalances the heat of this flower with a wind of icy scents. Then in the heart, orange blossom and jasmine flowers have been replaced in this Olympéa Legend by a plum note which offers a very warm floral tone, very original also alongside hot and cold top notes. Finally, to create a unique trail for this exceptional woman from Olympéa, vanilla is coated with an animal woody tone of tonka bean.

«Desert flower amber sand vanilla-which-vibrates & salted plum a duel in the stunning sun. »Paco Rabanne for Olympéa Legend.


Olympéa Intense, like a talisman from the Gods

Olympéa Intense, like a talisman from the Gods
Olympéa Intense, like a talisman from the Gods

Amber and warm notes in the heart of Olympéa Intense

In 2016, Paco Rabanne surprises us once again with Olympéa Intense, a new version of his emblematic juice. Olympéa Intense is a divine amber fragrance for an assertive woman who is always inspired by Greek mythology. Half-myth, half-muse, Olympéa is here a goddess at the height of her sensuality.

More conquering than ever, Olympéa Intense displays warmer, more amber colors here. The top notes fly over the luminosity of orange blossom. The latter will gently mix with the white pepper for more intensity. The heart is filled with salty vanilla. The base is composed of white amber and gray amber, for heightened sensuality.


Olympéa Aqua, the divine power of water

Olympéa Aqua, the divine power of water
Olympéa Aqua, the divine power of water

La sensualité submergée de fraicheur avec la déclinaison Olympéa Aqua

En 2018, La brand Paco Rabanne nous propose une nouvelle déclinaison de sa Cléopâtre des temps modernes, déclinaison qui se plus sensuelle que jamais. Olympéa Aqua est une déesse qui revient sous une nouvelle forme, plus fraiche. On assiste ici à un jeu d’oppositions construit sur un choc olfactif. D’un côté, la fraîcheur solaire s’oppose à une profondeur plus sombre et beaucoup plus charnelle. Ici, la vanille salée est toujours la star de la composition. Cette dernière débute par la fraicheur des fleurs de citronnier et de l’orange. Le cœur se charge de vanille salée et s’associe au jasmin.

Enfin, le fond offre des tonalités animales et iodées, car il conjugue le bois de cachemire et l’ambre iodé. Dessiné par le designer Marc Ange, le flacon reprend les principaux codes de ses prédécesseurs. Il mêle néanmoins ici, le style Art déco et les codes de la mythologie grecque offrant un flacon éblouissant de féminité.


Avec Olympéa et Invictus, Paco Rabanne a mis à l’honneur la mythologie grecque. Mi-Dieu, Mi-Femme, la déesse Olympéa dégage une féminité hors norme. Belle et sensuelle, elle ne cesse d’évoluer grâce aux magnifiques déclinaisons. Toutes soulignent la sensualité de la déesse, d’une manière plus ou moins intense.

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