BrandLancômeThe different Ô fragrances of Lancôme

The different Ô fragrances of Lancôme


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Symbol of extreme femininity, the Lancôme brand originated in 1935. The brand’s first great success came out in 1936. Nutrix is ​​a multi-use nourishing cream that is still Lancôme‘s great success today. Among the most beautiful olfactory successes, we note La Vie Est Belle, Trésor, Hypnose, Poème or the famous Ô by Lancôme. Released in 1969, one year after the immense rebellion of 1968, Ô de Lancôme is a fragrance synonymous with freedom. Fresh, delicate and seductive, the fragrance is nevertheless, against the current of the olfactory fashion of the time.

Ô de Lancôme, a wind of freedom


Ô de Lancôme, a wind of freedom
Ô de Lancôme, a wind of freedom

The ultra fresh tones of Ô by Lancôme

The first brand dared to combine the ultra-fresh Eaux de Cologne and the holding of a perfume, it is the Lancôme house that will be followed by Rochas. In 1969, the Lancôme brand presented Ô de Lancôme , a fragrance reminiscent of the freshness of Eaux de Cologne. Nevertheless and unlike the latter, Ô by Lancôme offers exemplary tenacity while retaining a freshness that is precisely reminiscent of Eaux de Cologne. L’Ô de Lancôme quickly became a must in perfumery, particularly appreciated by certain personalities such as Brigitte Bardot.

L’Ô de Lancôme opens with a citrus surge of lemon, bergamot and tangerine, enhanced by the tone of Paraguayan petitgrain. The heart is floral and romantic and combines basil, rosemary, coriander, jasmine, carnation and honeysuckle. Finally, the sensual base at will and combines patchouli, vetiver and oak moss. The bottle looks like an oblong column sculpted in frosted glass for a most revitalizing effect. The brilliant green color gives the whole a final touch of dynamism.

L’Ô de l’Orangerie, a beautiful getaway in the heart of an orange grove


L'Ô de l'Orangerie, a beautiful getaway in the heart of an orange grove
L’Ô de l’Orangerie, a beautiful getaway in the heart of an orange grove

A hymn to orange blossom with the Ô de l’Orangerie

Ô de l’Orangerie was born in 2011 and puts orange blossom in the spotlight. This fresh essence plunges us into a garden in the heart of an orangery. The freshness meets through a corner of shade, where the smells intoxicate us. Ô de l’Orangerie is a fresh variation, but above all a daring variation of the emblematic Lancôme water. Ô de l’Orangerie is a sensual juice, as delicate as a caress of orange blossom, the main flower of the composition.

The latter takes off on the fresh notes of bergamot, associated with aquatic tones. The orange blossom absolute envelops the heart in all its beauty, and mingles with neroli and jasmine. The base combines benzoin with woody notes. The bottle takes up the main codes of its elder. Heavy and majestic, it reveals a nectar of a tender green almost innocent.



Ô d’Azur, one of the sunniest waters


Ô d'Azur, one of the sunniest waters
Ô d’Azur, one of the sunniest waters

A fragrance that smells of the Mediterranean

Ô d’Azur was born in 2010 and keeps the soul of Ô de Lancôme. It is nevertheless worked in a more summer, sunnier way. Ô d’Azur  aims to be more modern, and more floral than its predecessors. The brand claims here a “lemon caviar accord”, a note with very Mediterranean tones. The Mediterranean Sea is also very present here and suggested by the beautiful French Riviera. The Ô d’Azur fragrance will therefore be particularly sunny. The composition begins with the citrus notes of bergamot, associated with “Calabrian lemon caviar”.

The heart blends Damascus rose with peony as well as sparkling and fruity notes of lychee and enhanced by pink pepper. The base notes combine white musks, wood and ambrette seed. The bottle takes up the codes of its elder, giving a glimpse, for the occasion, of a sun-yellow, ultra-luminous nectar.


Huge success for the Lancôme brand, Ô de Lancôme recalls the freshness of Eaux de Cologne while adding the hold of a perfume. Bright and fresh, the fragrance will offer variations echoing nature, the sun, but all of them take up the DNA of the original fragrance, namely an intense freshness.

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