BrandThe different Guerlain pencils and liners

The different Guerlain pencils and liners


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Guerlain is one of the oldest perfume brands in France. She has been delighting men and women around the world for more than 180 years with her always very successful creations. Guerlain has exceptional know-how in the field of scents. However, his knowledge does not stop there and Guerlain has also acquired, over the decades, a perfect culture of cosmetics and make-up. Today, to enhance your look, Guerlain invites you to discover its vast choice of pencils and liners. So which one of them will win your favor?

The Roll’Ink Liner La Petite Robe Noire

The Roll'Ink Liner La Petite Robe Noire
The Roll’Ink Liner La Petite Robe Noire

The new generation applicator of the Roll’Ink Liner La Petite Robe Noire

The Roll’Ink Liner La Petite Robe Noire is a surprising liner that first surprises us with its applicator. Is it a felt? Is it a brush? Neither ! Rather, it has a novel form of roulette. Thus, it slides perfectly on the eyelid and greatly facilitates the application of your pencil. Its texture rolls along your lashes and your makeup immediately takes on a much more playful air than usual!

The intense and waterproof formula of Roll’Ink Liner La Petite Robe Noire

This Guerlain trailer releases the right amount of product on your eyes. Very loaded with colored pigments, the Roll’Ink Liner La Petite Robe Noire gives you an intense and very black result. Her outfit, meanwhile, is absolutely stunning. The Roll’Ink Liner La Petite Robe Noire lasts for 12 hours and is guaranteed without transfer. Perfectly waterproof, it is not afraid of humidity.

Loose Powder Terracotta Khôl

Loose Powder Terracotta Khôl
Loose Powder Terracotta Khôl

La Terracotta Khôl Poudre Libre, a make-up from oriental lands

As the name of this product suggests, Terracotta Khôl Poudre Libre is inspired by a traditional oriental makeup product. It offers a glance of embers, both bewitching and mysterious. This loose powder has no equal when it comes to bringing depth to your eyes. Very pigmented, it is also enriched with pearl shards, for a warmer and brighter color. The Terracotta Khôl Poudre Libre is inspired by traditional kohls and pays homage to the beauty of desert women.

The luxurious bottle of Terracotta Khôl Poudre Libre

The Terracotta Khôl Poudre Libre invites itself in a very refined bottle. A real gem, it is surmounted by a golden seal with Moorish influences. Inside hides a small applicator stick that makes it easier to draw this Terracotta Khôl Loose Powder. Guerlain therefore offers you the possibility of obtaining a clean and precise line or a smokier and more sophisticated effect. The Terracotta Khôl Loose Powder is flexible according to your desires.

The Art of Trait Eyeliner Felt

The Art of Trait Eyeliner Felt
The Art of Trait Eyeliner Felt

Easy application of the Art of Trait Eyeliner Pen

Applying your eyeliner can sometimes be very complicated. It takes a certain amount of dexterity, especially if it is a brush eyeliner. To make your life easier, Guerlain has therefore decided to reinvent this classic format to make the L’Art du Trait Eye-Liner Felt. Now you just have to hold its applicator like a simple pencil and draw the desired makeup on your eyelid. In a simple swipe, an intense black color takes hold of your face. Applying make-up becomes child’s play!

The deep color of L’Art du Trait Eyeliner Felt

Unlike other felt eyeliners, Guerlain’s L’Art du Trait Eye Liner doesn’t compromise on intensity. It incorporates deep pigments for a hypnotic rendering. Very tenacious, it avoids runs and transfers. Its tenacity lasts for 8 hours and is resistant to humidity. Finally, the outline of the L’Art du Trait Eyeliner Felt is completely flexible. You just need to press the tip a little more to obtain a thicker line.

Guerlain has had the chance, throughout its history, to collaborate with the biggest names in perfumery. What’s more, his designs have been worn by the greatest crowned heads on the planet. Today, this entire prestigious universe is available to you. Guerlain pencils , like all the brand’s other creations, are a concentrate of refinement, trend and timelessness. They preserve the makeup tradition of yesteryear while looking to the future, through ever more innovative processes. From now on, no one will resist the bewitchment of your gaze!

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