BrandThe different Dior loose powders

The different Dior loose powders


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Since 1947, whether through his most beautiful couture creations, as through his cosmetic treatments or his make-up, Christian Dior has had only one ambition: to sublimate women around the world and highlight all their elegance. Praised by the most beautiful women in the world, the brand is an undisputed symbol of French luxury and refinement. So, how about sublimating your make-up with a touch of distinction signed by Dior ? Focus on the brand’s loose powders.

The Diorskin Nude Air

The Diorskin Nude Air
The Diorskin Nude Air

Diorskin Nude Air, a loose powder with a natural effect

Diorskin Nude Air is a loose powder that is both light and airy. If it improves the finish of your makeup, its goal is not to stand out, on the contrary. The Diorskin Nude Air simply serves to make the face fresher and more radiant. The DiorskinNude Air brings the right color tone it takes your skin while respecting its natural color. Its different shades are all full of unique freshness, for a velvety finish that adjusts with transparency.

Diorskin Nude Air, a protective powder

Diorskin Nude Air also acts as a protective shield that protects your face from its environment. Thus, it limits the absorption of harmful particles by your skin and acts as an excellent antipollution. Non-occlusive, it lets your skin breathe and thus facilitates its cell regeneration.

The Diorskin Forever

The Diorskin Forever
The Diorskin Forever

The Diorskin Forever, for more dullness

The main function of Diorskin Forever is to absorb sebum and neutralize areas of shine on your face. Enriched with talc, it brings more mattness to your skin. Likewise, its “Activ-Mat” powder absorbs excess sebum and thus helps neutralize areas of shine. The Diorskin Forever thus preserves the perfect finish of your make-up all day long.

The corrective power of Diorskin Forever

At the same time, Diorskin Forever blurs your small skin defects. Thin and indivisible, it preserves all the comfort of your face. Its mat and velvety finish is a real delight. Finally, Diorskin Forever has the exceptional power to fix your makeup from morning to night. However, it does not dry out your skin.

If it is recommended to apply a loose powder at the end of your makeup, it is quite simply because the beauty of the complexion is essential. Loose powder makes a face brighter without ever overloading it. Here, she also benefits from all of Dior’s expertise in terms of make-up. Loose powder considerably improves the rendering and tenacity of make-up. Whether you are already conquered or still new to the subject, do not miss this opportunity to sublimate your pretty face. To try it is to adopt it !

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