BrandThe different Dior Cream Foundation

The different Dior Cream Foundation


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Designed by Christian Dior, the brand bearing his name is today one of the world leaders in the luxury industry. If this brand has such notoriety, it is quite simply because it carries loud and clear the values ​​of French elegance throughout the world. Dior products are all developed with extreme finesse, combining multiple benefits, and selecting the best raw materials. This is also reflected in all its business sectors, starting with its make-up products. Focus on Dior Cream Foundation.

The Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse

The Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse
The Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse

The Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse, a long-lasting but airy result

Dior’s Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse is a feat of innovation that reconciles perfection and the imperceptible. Very airy, it nevertheless offers long-lasting hold and perfect coverage. Very light, it smooths the epidermis and leaves no pores appear. This non-greasy mousse transforms under your fingers into an extra matt and blurry film. All your small imperfections are instantly erased and your face appears more homogeneous.

The melting nuances of Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse

The Diorskin Forever Perfect Mousse is revealed in eight different colors that merge with all skin tones. Its formula ensures the mattness of your face for 16 hours. The shine of your skin is instantly reduced. At the same time, its formula, enriched with a polymer source of softness, preserves your comfort. “This magnificent, very light texture fades over the entire face with the fingers, quite simply like a cream.

The Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion

The Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion
The Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion

The light and luminous veil of the Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion

The Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion Dior is a light foundation, matt and bright. Without any feeling of matter, it conceals your imperfections and smoothes your skin texture. With it, your face shines. It immediately becomes fresher and smoother. Its exceptional hold guarantees you a resplendent makeup for 16 consecutive hours. Its freshness, for its part, preserves your comfort.

What is the cushion applicator?

The Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion is a particularly trendy product because it comes with a small applicator cushion. This greatly facilitates your makeup and delivers the right dose of product. The Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion can then be recharged endlessly, thanks to its refill sold separately. Its integrated sponge is hypoallergenic. Thanks to it, the color of your foundation stays intact throughout the day and your imperfections are instantly reduced.

All of the Dior Cream Foundations are the carriers of perfectly mastered know-how. If they are part of the latest trends of the moment, they are also the result of a preserved heritage. Alliance of past, present and future, they are perfectly anchored in modernity. Like other Dior items, the brand’s Fond de Teint Crème are perfect ambassadors of a refined lifestyle. They alone embody all of Dior’s values ​​of creativity, innovation, excellence and entrepreneurship.

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