BrandThe different Clinique eye shadows

The different Clinique eye shadows


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Founded in 1968 by Carole Phillips, a journalist for the vogue magazine in the United States, Clinique enjoys worldwide notoriety to this day. Enjoying a strong reputation from the outset, Clinique has gradually expanded its business sector. Initially, it was a brand exclusively focused on beauty products, and offering a simple care ritual accessible to all women. From now on, Clinique also shines with its make-up products, which produce infinitely refined eye shadows.

The All About Shadow Single

The All About Shadow Single
The All About Shadow Single

The All About Shadow Single, a colored eye shadow

The All About Shadow Single Clinic is an eye shadow that comes in a small box, which comes in several different shades. With a non-stop 8-hour hold, the All About Shadow Single allows the color to adhere well. Its creamy application makes your makeup easier. The delicacy of its texture, for its part, gives you a feeling of lightness and softness.

The different finishes of the All About Shadow Single

The All About Shadow Single by Clinique evolves in different colors ranging from the most discreet to the most extravagant. Likewise, its powders are available in three different finishes: matte, iridescent or iridescent. For even more pleasure, do not hesitate to mix the colors between them, thus drawing pretty gradients on your eyes.

Clinique’s All About Shadow Quad

Clinique's All About Shadow Quad
Clinique’s All About Shadow Quad

The All About Shadow Quad, an eye shadow palette

The All About Shadow Quad is an assortment of four eye shadows with a creamy texture and intense color. Available in six different variations, it is a small silver case containing four assorted powders as well as two applicators. The All About Shadow Quad offers perfectly coordinated shades that will allow you to create different looks as you wish, without the risk of making the slightest misstep.

When outfit rhymes with lightness

Clinique’s All About Shadow Quad has a non-stop 8-hour hold and adheres perfectly to the eyelid. Its creamy application makes your makeup easier. Its texture, for its part, displays extreme finesse. With the All About Shadow Quad, it’s all about lightness. From then on, the gaze becomes brighter and more lively, for a long time.

Like all other Clinique products, these eye shadows are designed by dermatologists. Thus, they adapt to all types of skin, even the most sensitive. Day after day, Clinique eye shadows enhance your skin surface. Your eyes only become more radiant and easy to put on makeup. Getting a Clinique eye shadow is like bringing the best of science to your face. So why deprive yourself of so much glow on a daily basis?

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