Beauty CareThe different Clinical Correctors

The different Clinical Correctors


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It all started in 1967, with the association of three personalities from different sectors: Dr Norman Orentreich, dermatologist, Carol Philips of Vogue Magazine and Estée Lauder. Together, they decided to revolutionize the world of beauty, by offering all women the implementation of a simple and effective care ritual, in three stages. Since that day, Clinique has greatly expanded its offer, also entering the world of make-up. Its ambition, however, has remained the same: to preserve beauty all over the world. Clinique‘s correctors work precisely on this task. They make up your face while making it more resplendent.

The Beyond Perfecting

The Beyond Perfecting
The Beyond Perfecting

Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting, a fluid and covering product

The Beyond Perfecting comes in a clear tube and comes with a foam applicator similar to a gloss. Inside, it conceals a fluid formula that corrects blemishes while absorbing excess oil and providing extra hydration to your skin. Beyond Perfecting delivers the right amount of product and does not create any excess material on the face. It offers a matte finish and perfect coverage.

The different methods of using Beyond Perfecting

The Beyond Perfecting Clinic can be used in two different ways. Thanks to its high precision applicator, it can be used as a corrector and concealer. However, it can also cover your entire face, like a foundation. To do this, all you need to do is place it in the center of your face and stretch its formula outwards. You are free to use a brush or just your fingertips.

The Beyond Perfecting Corrector

The Beyond Perfecting Corrector
The Beyond Perfecting Corrector

The Beyond Perfecting Corrector, to hide signs of fatigue

Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Corrector reduces the visibility of dark circles or bags on the eyes. Very covering, it evens out your skin surface and displays remarkable hold for 24 hours. Resistant to all the daily tests, it comes in several shades, so as to come as close as possible to your natural skin tone. Also note that it is suitable for sensitive skin for regular use.

The Beyond Perfecting Corrector, a second skin effect

The Beyond Perfecting Corrector has a precise tip that delivers the right amount of product. Thus, it avoids excess material and preserves the natural appearance of your skin. In order not to weigh down your face, it plays in the register of lightness. Only an imperceptible but unifying satin veil remains behind it. The Beyond Perfecting Concealer comes in a portable size that fits easily in any handbag, so you can take it everywhere you go.

Since its launch, Clinique has continued to show its desire to be recognized by its customers as an intelligent and innovative brand, offering high quality and unlimited efficiency. All Clinique products, including its correctors, are allergy tested. These are designed without perfume and thus preserve your beauty naturally. The corrective Clinic are specifically designed for all women with sensitive skin and want to preserve it every day.

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