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Beauty CareThe creamy richness of Dior Prestige Sovereign Cream

The creamy richness of Dior Prestige Sovereign Cream


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The creamy richness of Dior Prestige Sovereign Cream
The creamy richness of Dior Prestige Sovereign Cream

The history of Crème Souveraine Dior Prestige began long before couture. It has its source in the heart of Villa Les Rhumbs, a house perched on a cliff on the Normandy coast. This is the place where Christian Dior spent his childhood. A true haven of peace, the building had a garden in which a sublime rose garden was revealed. Thus, the rose became Christian Dior’s favorite flower, marking each of his creations and in particular his Dior Prestige collection, to the point of creating exceptional anti-aging treatments including the famous Crème Souveraine.

The Dior Prestige range

Dior Prestige is a wide range of cosmetic treatments developed by Dior and inspired by the extraordinary power of the Granville rose. This seems to be able to deliver its fabulous power of life in all the layers of the epidermis. It combines a double regenerating and perfecting action. Thus, it ensures a complete correction of the skin, gradually erasing all the visible signs of aging. It then reveals the natural beauty of a smooth skin texture, resting on a plump and plump support. Thus, thanks to Dior Prestige Sovereign Cream, your face will regain its harmonious curve and the radiant glow of your youth.

The advantages of the Sovereign Cream

The Sovereign Cream of Dior Prestigeis both rich and melting. It has the power to deeply nourish the epidermis and intensely redensify it. Thanks to this daily care, the skin seems to regain its strength, suppleness and radiance. The facial contour becomes sharper and the epidermis transforms under your eyes, becoming incredibly velvety and more comfortable. What’s more, tests carried out by a dermatologist have shown that the Sovereign Cream makes the skin better nourished by over 37%. The oval of the face, meanwhile, is redrawn by more than 30%. In addition, beyond its strong restructuring power, Dior Prestige Sovereign Cream provides a real instant of happiness on a daily basis. It melts deliciously and envelops the face in instant comfort from the first contact. Its rich and creamy texture glides over the skin with incomparable ease. Dermatologically tested, Dior Prestige Sovereign Cream is ideal for daily use, on clean, cleansed skin, in the morning and in the evening. It is suitable for application to the face and neck.

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