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BrandHermèsThe composition of the Galop d'Hermès fragrance

The composition of the Galop d’Hermès fragrance


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The composition of the Galop d'Hermès fragrance
The composition of the Galop d’Hermès fragrance

Gallop, the scent of Hermès’ new homage to the equestrian sector

Hermès is one of the oldest Parisian houses. She moved to the heart of Paris in 1837 as a saddler and harness maker. It must be said that the Hermès family has always had a special admiration for the equestrian sector. As such, Hermès has been supporting the victories of the greatest champions in this universe for more than two centuries. Today, however, the brand has expanded its sector of activity and its work has even extended to perfumery for many years now. Nevertheless, Hermès does not miss an opportunity to pay tribute to this sport so dear to its heart. Thus, Galop is yet another demonstration of this immeasurable love. So, let’s take a closer look at what scent has chosen to give the house to its powerful new scent like a thoroughbred.

Hermès collaborates with perfumer Christine Nagel

Since 2013, Hermès has chosen to entrust the creation of this perfume to perfumer Christine Nagel. This became the official nose of the Hermès house, succeeding Jean-Claude Ellena. This woman with an instinctive, lively and fiery spirit immediately won over the brand. The latter corresponds, in fact, perfectly to the image we have of the Hermès house. She seems to be an indomitable personality and is characterized in particular by her permanent desire for freedom. Also, although Hermès perfumes have never been lacking in daring, Christine Nagel seems to give them even more enthusiasm than usual. Likewise, she lets her unbridled fantasy explode here and thus leaves room for her feminine sensuality. This perfumer even has fun playing with words, saying loud and clear: “I can behave cavalierly if I have to!”

Galop, a juice with oriental femininity

The new Galop d’Hermès is the first great perfume to be developed by Christine Nagel within the house. Also, it is all his daring that we find in this fragrance. This juice is described as an oriental fragrance for women, both sassy and sensual. While its entire composition has not yet been revealed, we already know that it will contain particularly prestigious ingredients. In addition, Galop will unveil a scent of saffron. This spice extracted from the crocus flower is otherwise called “red gold”. Indeed, it is one of the most expensive ingredients in the world. In addition, know that no less than 150,000 flowers are needed to obtain 1 kg! Thus, its price can reach colossal sums of up to € 45,000 per kilo! Saffron is here accompanied by the queen of flowers: the Rose. This makes the whole particularly romantic and carnal. What is more, it is associated with the sweet and suave presence of quince. Finally, let us note that Galop is a perfume that does not lack sensuality. It ends with a very animal and absolutely sexy note of leather.

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