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Jean Paul GaultierThe Classic Wonderwoman, new heroine

The Classic Wonderwoman, new heroine


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The Classic Wonderwoman, new heroine
The Classic Wonderwoman, new heroine

Remember: in 2016, Jean-Paul Gaultier decided to honor the most famous pin-up girl on the bottle of his Le Classique perfume . Betty Boop made her appearance there to the delight of perfumery enthusiasts as well as that of collectors or lovers of this cult figure. This time, the atmosphere changes register but is just as offbeat. The Classic returns in a superhero outfit . Prepare to welcome the alluring Wonderwoman accompanied by a sweeter and more gourmet breath than ever!

Wonderwoman invites herself on the bottle of Jean-Paul Gaultier

Wonderwoman is a heroine who first saw the light of day in an American comic book created by William Moulton Marston, better known as Charles Moulton, in 1941. Amazon Ambassador to the world, she was endowed with many powers. supernatural. Very quickly adored by the public and long considered as the only female heroine, she soon became available on various media such as cartoons or films. Nevertheless, no one had yet dared to display Wonderwoman on a perfume bottle. Well, it’s now done thanks to the talent of designer Jean-Paul Gaultier! The corset of the Le Classique perfume was thus perforated in its center by the Herculean force of Wonderwoman. This one displays, as always, her starry blue, yellow and red leotard. She seems to rush forward, going to the aid of women in distress. Nevertheless, the beautiful heroine does not forget to proclaim loud and clear her love for the Jean-Paul Gaultier brand. Thus, it overlooks the slogan “I LOVE GAULTIER”. The whole thing has an offbeat look, both modern and vintage. Finally, The Classic Wonderwoman is presented to us in the brand’s famous tin can. Delivered in a silver version, it is embellished with a powdery pink sailor top.

The absolute indulgence of Classic Wonderwoman

However, its design alone would not be enough to capsize the heart. Thus, Jean-Paul Gaultier has also bet on a gourmet fragrance. It must be said that, in recent years, women have been crazy about this type of perfume. The Classic Wonderwoman seems to have chosen her next epic: “Here Wonderwoman: SuperGaultier Mission Accepted”. Its flavor opens with a breath of cane sugar. Thus, the femininity of this perfume is absolutely sparkling and delicious. Then, Wonderwoman displays her power of seduction in a radiant heart made from orange blossom. This Mediterranean plant here gives the whole a very sunny side and perfect for the summer season. Its solar side is then relayed by a sweet vanilla base. In addition, let us note that even if this perfume turns out to be very greedy, it is nonetheless filled with freshness. As a result, Le Classique Wonderwoman appears to be an excellent summer scent.

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