BrandThe CHANEL varnish

The CHANEL varnish


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The CHANEL varnish
The CHANEL varnish

Chanel’s ultra-resistant varnish

If Fashion Week obviously allows you to spot fashion trends, it is also an opportunity to observe varnish and make-up trends. Also, in terms of manicure, two guidelines oppose, on one side, dark shades, on the other, greedy nails. In other words, the woman is sometimes dark and mysterious, sometimes more frivolous and feminine, which only adds a touch of madness. Well, know that there will be something for everyone within the range of Chanel varnishes . Acidulous, dark, shiny… You will inevitably find what you are looking for at Chanel, all embellished with a protective and ultra-resistant effect.

The many advantages of Chanel nail polishes

In order to best satisfy the desires of the fairer sex, the house of Chanelhas implemented a wide range of varnishes with multiple benefits. These provide optimal coverage and an absolutely sublime shine effect. However, at the same time, these products respect the precious and delicate nature of the nail. Chanel varnishes contain an active ingredient based on bioceramics, phytocorail. The latter brings calcium to the heart of the nail. In addition, it is accompanied by iron, zinc and magnesium. All this allows the nail to be stronger and more resistant. Likewise, ceramides promote hydration. Of course, everything is dermatologically tested and is therefore suitable for all women. What is more, to further limit possible allergies, the Chanel nail polish formula has been developed without toluene, formaldehyldehyde, camphor and dibutyl phthalate. Finally,

The many Chanel colors

The Chanel range contains many colors ranging from the lightest shades to the darkest colors. These varnishes contain a high concentration of pigments or nacres for a particularly intense lacquered result. Never will your nails have let burst such a color! What is more, the whole offers a particularly homogeneous result.

The secrets of applying Chanel nail polishes

Chanel varnish is applied after washing your hands and filing the nails. It is also advisable to dust off them with a small brush and to push back the cuticles for an optimal result. Once the nail surface has been degreased with a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover, do not forget to apply a thin base coat. You can now apply the Chanel varnish in two successive layers to ensure perfect coverage. Start from the center of the nail to spread the product towards the edges. Finally, for an even brighter result, sublimate everything with a layer of extreme shiny lacquer from the house. Likewise, for ease of application, note that Chanel varnishes are delivered with a brush allowing a more precise manicure. In addition, their ergonomic cap allows for easy use.

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