BrandNina RicciThe attractive price of Nina Ricci's new Luna

The attractive price of Nina Ricci’s new Luna


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The attractive price of Nina Ricci's new Luna
The attractive price of Nina Ricci’s new Luna

In 2006, perfumer Olivier Cresp offered us a sort of enchanting heroine in the form of a perfume. This one was named Nina and embodied the image of a modern and romantic princess. Also, since 2016, the latter has a little sister, herself developed by Christophe Raynaud and Marie Salamagne. This symbolizes the mysterious and powerful counterpart of Nina and is called Luna . As always, this is a very elaborate and perfectly harmonious perfume capable of taking us with a simple breath in an absolutely dreamlike universe. What is more, as if to extend the dream, Nina Ricci has decided to unveil her new gasoline to us at a very affordable price.

Luna’s many assets

If Nina embodied the image of a wise and angelic princess, Luna, on the other hand, is much more sassy and savage. Nina Ricci even qualifies her new fragrance as “mysterious, impetuous and sensual”. It is embellished with many noble ingredients, rigorously selected in order to offer us the best of their perfume. It all begins with a sunny and energizing blend of wild berries and orange blossom. Then, Luna’s heart is more greedy. It combines immortelle with caramel before evolving towards a smoother and smoother base based on sandalwood and vanilla. Likewise, on the occasion of this new scented release, the Nina Ricci brand has completely revisited the box of its bottle. As usual, Luna is contained in a glass apple. However, this one has swapped its soft pink hue for a magnetic and transparent blue. This is topped with a golden cabochon in the shape of a stem, as if to suggest that Luna is a precious fruit. However, this one does not forget its rock ‘n’ roll side and the neck of its bottle is seen adorned with a black leather lacing.

The competitive price of the latest Nina Ricci

Also, all these changes represent hours of creative work and technical development, which generally impacts the cost of perfumes, at least for the first months after their release. What’s more, the advertising for Luna does not feature just one but two muses, namely Frida Gustavsson and Jac Jagaciak, an additional expense considering that the advertising budget is always the most important during the marketing. of a perfume. Yet, amazing as it may sound, Luna is offered on our site at a very affordable price. It comes in three different formats. The 30 ml will cost you € 33.50 against € 49.50 for the 50 ml and € 61 for the 80 ml. Considering this very affordable price, there is no reason why you should not be tempted.

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