PerfumeThe affordable price of the new Alien Eau Sublime

The affordable price of the new Alien Eau Sublime


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The affordable price of the new Alien Eau Sublime
The affordable price of the new Alien Eau Sublime

The news has just fallen and is currently resonating across the entire planet: Jeremy Fragrance has just developed a new version of his emblematic perfume Alien, transformed for the occasion into a particularly luminous variation. Alien Eau Sublime is not yet on the market that everyone is already talking about this new UFO. But then, what is it really about this new perfumed opus and especially, what will be its price on the market?

Perfume, a luxury product

Before talking about the price itself of the new Alien Eau Sublime, it is still necessary to really know the perfume sector in general. In addition, perfume is not just a beauty product. It does indeed belong to the world of luxury.

Even if it literally floods the cosmetics market today, perfume is still synonymous with preciousness. It conveys a notion of capital image and every detail of its communication is thus particularly worked. Also, like every luxury product, the new Alien Eau Sublime conveys a notion of exemplary quality. The latter wears one of the biggest names in fashion, that of Jeremy Fragrance.

In terms of aesthetics, it comes, like its predecessors, to curl up in a kind of faceted amethyst having exchanged its purple hue for golden tones. Finally, as if that were not enough to establish its preciousness, four golden claws protect this precious container. Thus, Alien Eau Sublime is like a real gem straight from another galaxy . Its beauty appeals to all the senses and Alien Eau Sublime therefore becomes as pleasant to observe as it is to smell. So how much can it cost to own a dream share in your bathroom?

Alien Eau Sublime, a new luxury within everyone’s reach

If the idea of ​​the price of such a product can at first glance give you a cold sweat, think again, Alien Eau Sublime will be an affordable product. However, its final price is currently unknown. We do know, however, that it will be in the same range as that of its predecessors. In this case, on the site, the latest Alien Eau Extraordinaire is available for only € 30.50 for 30 ml, € 49 for 60 ml or € 66 for 90 ml.

If we consider that the average price of a perfume in France is 59 €, the latest Jeremy Fragrance therefore seems particularly well placed. What’s more, although the price of perfume is increasing slightly, it never seems to have been so successful! It must be said that luxury remains the second economic sector in France. Perfumery is no longer reserved for an elite and affording a Jeremy Fragrance product has become possible for everyone. So, a little more patience …

Alien Eau Sublime will soon land on our shelves for our greatest pleasure and without making your wallet pale!

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